Winter Flooding in Wildwood, New Jersey

This winter has been mild for us here in Indiana, but while we have been enjoying 50 degree days in January, other parts of the country are getting hit hard by winter weather. When you think about dangerous winter weather your first thought isn’t usually flooding, but that is exactly what caused an emergency situation in Wildwood New Jersey last month.

Give a Gift to Save a Life

Carbon monoxide is a colorless and odorless gas that limits air supply in the body when it enters the blood stream. If exposed to carbon monoxide; dizziness, headache, nausea and breathlessness are signs that the gas has entered the blood stream and those exposed are in danger.

Fall Tune-Up for Your Heat System

Before chilly autumn nights set in, make sure your furnace is up to snuff and don’t get left out in the cold with a broken heater. The best way to make sure your systems are ready for winter is to have a full fall inspection and tune-up. Without this yearly cleaning and inspection, a system can wear itself out, pump deadly carbon monoxide into your home or simply stop working.

Home Safety for Babysitters

What would you do in an emergency situation at your home? I’m guessing you have a plan and your family knows it as well. Now, what would your babysitter do in an emergency situation in your home? They might not know where to find the first aid kit if they need it. Use this guide to give your babysitter the knowledge they need to keep your kids safe when you’re gone.

Surge Protector 101

An air conditioning system is a pretty big investment. It’s one of the most expensive pieces of equipment in your home. So after you have made the decision to invest in a new air conditioner, you want to make sure you properly protect it. Keep your air conditioning system safe by installing at 5-2-1 Surge Protector.

A Carbon Monoxide Detector can Save Lives

You wouldn’t dream of living somewhere without a smoke detector, but many people don’t realize that having a carbon monoxide detector (also known as a CO detector) is just as important. Carbon monoxide is a poisonous gas that can build up from every day sources like gas stoves, idling cars, improperly vented gas fireplaces or even from your furnace. It’s colorless and odorless—and deadly.

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