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Indianapolis Air Conditioner Repair

You wouldn’t drive your car for thousands and thousands of miles without changing the oil?  Of course not.  Why? Like all machines, there is wear and tear on the system.  To keep your car running you have it checked out by a professional periodically.

The same logic applies to your air conditioning unit. Cleaning the filters, checking the performance of the blower motors and refrigerant levels should be done at the beginning of the cooling season.  Make sure your air conditioner system is ready for the long hot summer.

Time to replace your AC Unit?

Some things get better with age. Your air conditioner is not one of those things. Manufacturers are always improving their products to give their customers the best and most up-to-date technology available. If you have an air conditioner unit that is 10 years old or older, you could be running into costly repairs that are not worth paying for anymore.

Save yourself from the headaches and constant calls to your service technician by replacing your air conditioner today. Energy efficiency standards are mandated by the government in an effort to keep energy costs low. This puts presser on the manufacturers to improve their technology year after year.

If it is emergency service that you need, we are available to assist you, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. To help reduce those service emergencies, we offer service agreements to keep your comfort system running at peak performance.

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