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At Chapman, we like to think of our team members as a family. Maybe we are a large, rowdy, extended family, but a family none the less. That kind of family feeling is typical in lots of companies, but at Chapman the family roots go deeper.  When you meet some of our employees you may notice a bit of family resemblance. That’s because many of our team members are actually related.

Meet some of our family pairs:

Brothers Tom and JerryBullock

General manager Jerry joined Chapman seven years ago.  After settling in he encouraged his brother Tom to apply in 2015.  While Jerry enjoys working with Tom he has discovered it is harder to keep a secret with his brother around.  He was hoping his 50th birthday would slide by quietly, but that didn’t happen when Tom spilled the beans.

Bill Handlon  and Becky  McDaniel

Service Technician Bill Handlon had been at Chapman for several years when big sister Becky joined as a plumbing dispatcher.  Definitely the outgoing one of the pair, she has shared more than a few stories of what it was like growing up together, including his nickname and a few pranks she pulled as a little girl.

Chris and Jami Clay

No family resemblance here, but definitely family.  Husband and wife Chris and Jami actually interviewed as a pair back in 2014. Jami was hired right away, but it was a little while before husband Chris was invited to join the Chapman team.

Although they don’t work in the same department, they enjoy being able to talk about work, sharing stories about their day and the people they work with. Jamie also shared that she thinks it is funny that she always knows where Chris is and where he stops for lunch, because of the GPS software in his service truck.

Keeping it in the family, Cousin Ryan Neal is also part of the Chapman family.


And that is not all

At Chapman we also have fathers and sons, uncles and nephews stepfathers, and son-laws.

Shawn and Jacob Leland

Jacob is our commercial installation manager and his son Jacob is now a member of one of our installation teams.

Jacob really needs to stay on his toes, because in addition to his dad, his father-in-law David Ethridge is also a member of the Chapman family..

Chris Kaiser and Brad Harvey (Not pictured)

A twenty five year HVAC veteran, Comfort Advisor, Chris Kaiser, joined the Chapman family in 2014.  Shortly thereafter, his step son Brad Harvey came on board.  Chris has watched with pride as Brad has taken advantage of the training opportunities at Chapman, progressing from an installer’s helper to a service technician.

While both men spend the majority of their days in the field, they do get to say a quick hello on Monday mornings before they head out for the week.

Tom Mckinney and Daniel Leach (Not pictured)

Plumbing Manager Tom Mckinney has been with Chapman for about seven years.  He was happy to recommend his nephew, Daniel Leach for a position as a service technician.  He thinks the young man has jumped into the job with the right attitude working hard and taking advantage of training programs we offer to create a successful career at here Chapman.

We love family members

But you don’t need to be related to someone to land a job with the Chapman team.  If you are ready to work hard and learn something new check out our Career’s page.

Weather your looking for a furnace repair or an ac installation be sure to invite the family members from Chapman | Heating | Air Conditioning | Plumbing | to your home today

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