Is Freon as a refrigerant being discontinued?

Yes. As of January 2010 the refrigerant R-22 (what consumers call Freon®) is no longer allowed to be used in the manufacturing of new equipment. R-22 has been used as the “standard” refrigerant for many years but has been found to be harmful to our planet...

Home Safety for Babysitters

What would you do in an emergency situation at your home? I’m guessing you have a plan and your family knows it as well. Now, what would your babysitter do in an emergency situation in your home? They might not know where to find the first aid kit if they need it. Use this guide to give your babysitter the knowledge they need to keep your kids safe when you’re gone.

Can carbon monoxide build up in my home?

Yes. Each year, carbon monoxide kills more than 200 Americans and sends nearly 5,000 more to emergency rooms for treatment, reports the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). Where does it come from? When carbon-based fuels such as gas, oil, kerosene or wood...

What if I smell gas?

Propane (LP) gas:  You have this type if your gas comes from a tank located outside close to your house.  Propane is stored as a liquid under pressure in tanks and cylinders. In most residential applications, propane is used as a vapor. When liquid propane changes...
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