Employee Spotlight: Bill Handlon

It’s time for another employee feature and this month we interviewed Bill Handlon. You might know Bill as our service technician, but he is also a father of 4 (not including his 2 dogs) and one of the biggest Notre Dame fans you’ll meet. We sat down with Bill and asked him some questions about his time at Chapman, his time outside of Chapman and since he is the expert, we asked a few questions about air quality too.

Dedicated to Service

Bill’s official title at Chapman is service technician. As a service technician, Bill is the one to come to your house for calls and routine maintenance. Originally from Brownsburg, Bill has been with Chapman for the past 5 years. When asked what he likes about working at Chapman, he had this to say:

“At Chapman, you really get treated like a person. Some other places look at you as a number or to reach a certain quota. I get to work for the customers, not just the company.”

You might recognize Bill from the last time you called for a check-up. Bill is an extremely hardworking member of the Chapman team and he takes pride in every service call, every day.

About Bill

With three sons in baseball and his daughter in softball, Bill stays pretty busy outside of work. When he finds some time for himself, Bill enjoys getting outside for a hike and some fishing. Like a lot of our employees here at Chapman, Bill is a big supporter of the Hamilton County Humane Society. He participates in charity motorcycle rides and stays active in going to events with the Chapman team.

Bill’s love for animals doesn’t end with his contributions to the Hamilton Humane Society, he has two dogs of his own at home. A Doberman named Rocky and a Boston Terrier named Rudy are important parts of the family as well.

Air Quality and Your Home

When it comes to the quality of air in your home, Bill has the answers. We wanted to know a little bit more about air purifiers and what impact they have on the home. We asked Bill to explain what an air purifier actually does.

“Well an air conditioner cools the air and the filter in the unit will catch some of the dirt and debris in the air. An air purifier helps with bacteria and allergens by capturing and actually killing pollutants in the air.”

This is especially important around the winter months. Keeping the air purified reduces the exposure to bacteria. We asked Bill to talk more about the overall health of the home and why, in his professional opinion, should people use purifiers in the home.

“Well, by removing allergens and bacteria in the air, air purifiers help keep the home healthier which means less sick days out of work and less illness in the home. We have two dogs and the air purifier helps tremendously with the big dog smell.”

As we head into the winter season, now is the time to give some thought to the overall quality of air in your home. Before you seal up the doors and windows, give Bill a call to talk about your heating and air quality options! Learn more about air purifiers here and call us to schedule an appointment.

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