Employee Spotlight – Jerry Bullock

Jerry-hard-at-work-We previously introduced you to Chris Baker, our Service Manager. Now it’s time to meet our General Manager, Jerry Bullock! He has been with Chapman Heating and Air Conditioning for almost five years and is one very skilled multitasker. Learn about everything Jerry does for our customers and our team at Chapman Heating and Air Conditioning.

Bullock is Chapman’s General Manager. He has a multitude of responsibilities at the Chapman offices. He does anything from managing processes and jobs, to problem solving and assessing any issues in or out of the office.

A typical day for Bullock consists of meeting and greeting as many employees as he can. Bullock said, “We are a great team at Chapman and I like to start every day by making sure I talk to as many of our employees as I can.”

Before coming to work for Chapman, Bullock knew about us. Several of his former colleagues had started to work for Chapman  so they told him when the Installation Manager position became available.  Bullock worked as the Installation Manager for four and a half years before his promotion to General Manager.

So when Bullock isn’t working with his fellow employees he attends to his other duties as General Manager. Bullock said, “On any given day I am reviewing the entire service and sales schedules. I make sure I am up-to-date on any notes about calls or service jobs that are on the schedule. I try to find any area where I might be able to help out. I also work very closely with the other managers too. Jeff Chapman and I also meet to discuss what’s going on and what’s coming up with the company.”

However, sometimes workdays can get stressful, especially when you work in the service industry. Bullock said, “I can handle the heating and cooling issues that come up pretty easily since that’s my expertise, but the most stressful part of my work day is when I can’t seem to make the customer happy.”

But the good outweighs the bad as they say. Bullock said, “The best part of my day is when I get to go out into the field and meet our customers. I get a sense of who our customer is what their needs are. What has kept me in the HVAC field for over 30 years is the great customer service I get to provide to people. Meeting customers and making them happy makes the job worthwhile.”

With his extensive knowledge of the HVAC industry Bullock wants to share some advice with our readers. Bullock said, “Plain and simple, maintenance is the key to keeping your unit running as efficiently as possible. I recommend that our customers schedule a maintenance checkup twice a year to make sure their unit is running smoothly.”

So why should the residents of Indianapolis choose to work with Chapman Heating and Air Conditioning? Bullock said, “The personal service we provide is the best in the business. We don’t treat our customers like they are transactions. We want our customers to trust us and build a relationship with us. We value their feedback and that’s what I think makes Chapman different than the other businesses out there.”

Need to schedule a maintenance checkup? Give us a call at ​317-291-4909 or stop by our office. Who knows, you might even see Jerry while you’re there!

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