The History of Home Automation

Home Smart Control

Technology creating smarter homes is nothing new. Sure, more recent advances may be more impressive to us. However, the concept has been around for a very long time.

This concept, called home automation, often makes people think about being able to perform tasks around the house from miles away of a phone or tablet. This, while true, is just one aspect in the overall history of home automation.

In fact, you may be surprised at the over 100-year running history of smart homes. Let’s take a stroll through time and take a look at the history and great advances in technology that helped lead home automation to where it is today.

Early 1900’s

Believe it or not, home automation goes all the way back to the turn of the century. The amenities we take for granted today were the first stepping stones in smart home technology.

Think about this. Before 1908, if you wanted to wash your clothes you had to do it by hand. After the electric washing machine’s invention in 1908, home owners were able to wash their clothes with ease just by putting them in the machine.

Similar revolutionary home appliances such as the vacuum cleaner (1907), dishwasher (1917) and blender (1922) followed. These inventions eliminated the hassle and physical labor it took to take care of the home.

Although they may not seem as impressive or groundbreaking to us today, these simple inventions changed everything.

The Kitchen Computer

In the winter of 1969, a new ground-breaking step towards smarter homes was invented: The Honeywell Kitchen Computer.

Weighing over 100 lbs. and costing $10,000 at the time, this early computer was designed to be able to do variety of kitchen and home related tasks. Not only would the machine store recipes, but with “simple” inputs, the computer would help you plan out a meal.

However, being able to operate it fluently required a two-week training course and as you can imagine the Honeywell Kitchen Computer quickly died. Regardless, this device was well ahead of its time.

Late 90’s through Modern day

Home automation as it stands today revolves around two themes: security and convenience.

Advanced home security systems allow remote controlled locks, security alarms and video cameras around your home can be monitored and controlled on tablets and smartphones.

Homeowners can also remotely start their cars, an invention that we are certainly thankful for on those cold mornings.

Old innovations in home automation have also been perfected. Refrigerators like the Family Hub can connect to your mobile devices to tell you what you are out of, what you are running low on, help you make lists, build calendars and even play music for you while you are cooking.

Other profound advances in home automation come in heating and cooling. New technologies like the Housewise thermostat from Cor Home Automation have changed the way homeowners control their comfort levels.

This thermostat has the ability to connect with mobile devices to allow for alterations to heat levels from outside the home. Inside the home, it can also synchronize with voice command devices and apps like Amazon Alexa, allowing for voice-controlled thermostats.

Throughout the last couple decades, as home automation has become better and better it has also become more affordable. Whereas years ago inventions like a washing machine were a luxury, they are now commonplace.

Even the more advanced innovations like home security and smart thermostats are easier than ever to introduce into your home.

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