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Owning a home or business has many rewards, but it’s definitely no secret that properties can be a lot of work and a hassle to maintain. Small plumbing issues like a dripping sink regularly happen and sometimes can be fixed with a home toolkit. However, you’ll need some professional service.

Frozen pipes, water heater failure, clogged drains and water line leaks are all very common. These issues can be easily fixed when detected early, but letting the issue continue to grow will make them invasive and expensive to repair.

When these serious plumbing issues arrive, and you’re just not quite handy enough to fix the problems yourself, there’s no need to fret. Call our team at Chapman for the most trusted and highest-rated Lebanon, IN, plumbing repair services. Our qualified professionals will take care of any problem for you.  They handle water heater repair and installation, drain cleaning, sewer line and sump pump repairs and replacement and much more!

Signs That You Need a Plumbing Repair Service

You’re constantly hearing drips

You probably won’t notice this constant drip coming from your faucet until it’s nighttime and everyone’s sound asleep or left the building. Once you do, it’ll be hard to ignore. Besides the drip being insanely annoying, it can dramatically increase your water bill and cause erosion inside the faucet. It can also create a dingy-looking change in appearance in your sink or tub over time.

Call us to fix your leak immediately so you don’t have to deal with it anymore!

Your pipes are making strange noises

A strange noise coming from your pipes can sound anything like a banging, humming, rattling or whistling sound, which should be concerning. There are many causes of these sounds, and each requires a plumbing repair service.

You smell a strange sewage odor

A strange odor coming from your property is unpleasant to all who live in the home or visit the business. A damaged drain line or a blocked vent could be the cause, but it’s impossible to tell without having a certified professional run the appropriate tests.

When this happens, call Chapman, and let us save you and your loved ones from distracting sewage odor!

Low water pressure

Low water pressure is usually an issue caused by water supply or a pipe issue. This can be super frustrating when it comes to showering or doing basic things that require water like cooking. Get in touch with us today to fix your water pressure!

Sink drains slowly

A slow drain is a very common plumbing issue that is usually caused by a clog. Depending on where the slow drain is located, the clog can be caused by anything ranging from hair to food or soap scum. We can help you locate the clog and remove it immediately!

Toilet doesn’t stop running

A running toilet is another annoying sound that will also dramatically increase your water bill. This is not a problem to ignore but one that you should call your local Chapman plumber to diagnose and fix.

Water isn’t available when the sink is turned on

If the other water sources in your Lebanon business or home are still working, then your problem is with the faucet. This is typically caused by a clogged, dislodged or broken faucet that can easily be replaced. If no water is coming from anywhere in the property, then make sure to check your water main, then call us to help you get water flowing again.

Who Will We Send to Fix the Problem?

A professional, trained and certified plumber

We will send a professional on the scene to solve your plumbing issues immediately. All plumbers are required to be certified and trained. Chapman is a Bryant appliance dealer and certified by NATE (North American Technician Excellence).

We pride ourselves on our dedication to keeping a friendly and knowledgeable staff that’s passionate about providing quality service. Our technicians receive five-star reviews on Google and leave each customer satisfied and delighted to have their plumbing problems resolved in a quick and efficient manner.

Here at Chapman, there is no plumbing issue that’s too small, too big, or too smelly. Our plumbers are always geared up and happy to help with diagnosing any problem, answering any and all questions and solving whatever plumbing problem your Lebanon home or business may encounter.

  • Faucets
  • Showerheads
  • Bathroom Remodels/Shower Pans
  • Toilets

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Plumbing issues are unavoidable. Every household and business property is bound to have a leaky pipe or clogged drain at some point. That’s why it’s important to have a plumber you can trust on speed-dial.

Whenever your home, office or any property you own has a weird sound, smell or water issue, call the best Lebanon, IN, Plumbing Repair company – Chapman. Our Chapman professional plumbers will get your plumbing back to normal! Contact Chapman today for Lebanon plumbing services.