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Owning or renting a home comes with a heap of additional maintenance jobs, obstacles and costs. However, plumbing issues are inevitable, and these can be a huge hindrance. That’s why you’ll want a high-quality, reliable and quick team of plumbers on speed dial.

Our team at Chapman Heating, Air Conditioning & Plumbing offers professionals with over 30 years of experience. Our plumbers work hard to provide 24-hour emergency service because we know there’s no time frame for when an urgent plumbing problem will occur.

We pride ourselves on keeping customers happy and doing a great job, and it shows! On Google, we rank 4.7 out of 5 stars in reviews. Get in touch with us today for the help you need with your plumbing!

Plumbing Systems We Work With


Our team at Chapman Heating, Air Conditioning & Plumbing is fully equipped to deal with a variety of pipe problems. Through camera and inspection equipment, we can locate the whereabouts of the problem and diagnose it accurately.

Frozen pipes: We all know how cripplingly cold Indiana winters can be, which means frozen pipes in the homes is a real possibility. We can assess this problem and help you to fix it, so you don’t have to go without warm water in the chilly months.

Replacing pipes: Sometimes, a pipe can’t be repaired. The extent of the damage means it has to be replaced completely. In this case, we can recommend the best course of action. We’ll ensure that this intrusive job won’t damage anything else in your Noblesville, IN, home.

Concrete slab leak: If you suspect a slab leak – usually detected by cracks, wet spots or areas that are abnormally cool or warm – then call our team for an immediate evaluation!

Leaking pipes: This could entail a leak under your kitchen sink or a slightly larger and more serious leak from a pipe somewhere else in the foundations. The sooner you suspect a leak, the sooner you should contact us to get it fixed!


Faucets: Not only may you experience leaky faucets, but hard water can clog up the inner mechanisms of your faucet. It may also cause other problems that can be pricey to repair.

Toilets: With time and frequent use, toilets can start to wear down. You may experience problems with your toilet, which we can fix. We can fix older models, so don’t worry about replacement. However, if it frequently clogs, you may have to get a new one.

Remodeling bathroom: Fiber shower glass pans in freestanding showers can crack over time due to hard water buildup and water pressure. We’re happy to fix or replace your glass so you can enjoy your bathroom the way is intended.

Shower heads: You’ve probably noticed lime and calcium buildup on shower heads. This can affect the water pressure by making it less powerful when it comes out. Chemical solvents may be used to fix this, or an entire replacement of the pipes may be required. We’ll take a look and offer an evaluation!


Water heaters: You might need an entirely new water heater, and we have a variety of both tankless and standard options. There are also some energy-saving models to consider.  We also offer water heater repair services.

Sump pump: A sump pump is vital to keeping basements dry. We can check and monitor your sump pump regularly to prevent flooding and water damage.

Water softener: Water softeners decrease magnesium and calcium levels in the water, which can prevent certain plumbing problems as well as leave your dishes looking shiny and clean.

Garbage disposal: Household garbage disposals frequently clog up. Our plumbers will come to the rescue by installing a new one or fixing your current one.

Chapman’s Plumbers Are:


You can trust that all of our repairs and installations are safely provided by our experienced and knowledgeable staff.


We couldn’t have licensure without certification. Our plumbers are certified and have the right level of knowledge for the line of work they are in.


Professionalism is everything when entering someone else’s property. Our team is friendly, knowledgeable and always striving to get you the best deal with your services.

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Call Chapman at 317-943-8768 or contact us online today for plumbing services in the Noblesville area! We can inspect your plumbing issues and offer the following services as well:

  • Sewer system backup
  • Loss of hot water
  • Drain cleaning

We’re more than happy to help and answer any questions you might have!