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What Kind of Issues Do Plumbing Repair Services Fix?

Plumbing issues happen in every household and commercial building.  They can be caused by blockages, external damage or just general wear and tear. While many plumbing issues start off small, they are always worth addressing directly. Over time, these small repairs can build into major problems.

That’s why Chapman offers Pittsboro, IN, plumbing repair services. We help locals fix their plumbing issues quickly before a bigger issue arises! Our team of professionals is here to fix your leaky pipes, frozen pipes, sump pump problems and toilet leaks, etc. We also offer drain cleaning and water heater repair services.

No matter how large or small your plumbing issue seems, we will offer professional assessment and remediation. Ensure peace of mind by calling us for plumbing repair services in Pittsboro, IN, and getting the help you need today to fix any problems.

How Do You Know if You Need Plumbing Repairs?

Plumbing issues can be very obvious, such as a clogged toilet. Other issues can be more mysterious, such as strange noises that indicate a larger problem. If in doubt, call our team to diagnose the problem. We’ll tell you if we think you need plumbing maintenance and repair for the following issues:

Strange sounds coming from pipes

Strange noises indicate a variety of problems. One possibility is that a pipe is loose. It may also indicate that there is excessive pressure in the pipes, which can lead to further damage if left unchecked.

Pipes are never completely silent, but if you hear strange or excessive noise, it’s a good idea to call us.

Pipes are frozen

This is a very common problem in winter.  If water is left sitting in the pipes, it can freeze.  This causes it to expand, which can damage or even burst pipes.

If your pipes have frozen over, you should certainly call us to inspect them and fix any problems.

Faucets constantly dripping

Dripping faucets aren’t just irritating; they also waste water.  A dripping faucet can be caused by a defective part like a washer, internal corrosion or possibly mineral buildup.

Replacing a part is fairly simple, but if you’re not sure how to do this job, contact us today!

Leaks are present

A leak coming from the ceiling is always a worrisome sight.  It’s common in extremely wet weather, when a building’s waterproofing is put to the test.

Regardless of your circumstance, a leak is a cause for concern and should be treated immediately. Contact us for Pittsboro, IN, plumbing repair services as soon as possible. We can fix the problem before any damage is done!

If a leak is left untreated, it can cause massive damage further down the line.  Never hesitate to call a professional, even if it’s just a couple of drops.

Strange odors

Strange odors can be a sign of a blockage, especially if coming from sinks or toilets.  Washed clothes that smell strange can also be a warning sign. Contact our team of plumbers to remedy blockages and dispel unpleasant odors!

Why Choose Chapman for Plumbing Services?

Chapman should always be your first choice for Pittsboro, IN, plumbing repair services. Here’s why:

4.7/5 stars on Google

Chapman boasts an impressive 4.7/5 stars on Google reviews.  This is testament to the quality of both our plumbing skills and our superb customer service. The numbers speak for themselves!

Certified plumbers

Chapman is a company with over 30 years of plumbing knowledge and expertise. For all that time, we’ve been a trusted favorite for many homeowners and companies in Pittsboro, IN, that need plumbing repair services.

All of our plumbers are certified professionals and tackle every problem with the utmost attention to detail.  Every job, from unblocking a sink to major repairs, is treated as important.

Professional service

We pride ourselves on our relationships with our customers.  All of our plumbers and staff are courteous, friendly and professional from start to finish. We correspond with our customers to ensure they get the best service every time, and we always listen to what they have to say.

We understand how stressful plumbing issues can be.  Our plumbing experts are polite and professional. We’re here to fix your problems and bring you peace of mind.

Call Chapman to Set an Appointment Today

Chapman is here to listen to you and address your plumbing issues. If you’re looking for Pittsboro, IN, plumbing repair services from a company with great customer service and top-quality skills, contact Chapman today!