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Greenwood, IN Water Softener Service

Across Indiana and the entire United States, many of us are dealing with hard water, which contains large amounts of calcium and magnesium, which can lead to a wide range of problems for your plumbing and health.

However, it is possible to mitigate these issues with a water softening service. It can lead to improvements for your skin, plumbing, and more.

Here at Chapman, our water softener system service in Greenwood and the surrounding Indianapolis area will reduce the minerals in your supply. It’s one of the many services we offer to protect your home and you. Call us today to request water softener system service from a top company within the industry.

How to Know if You Have Hard Water

There are several other ways you can find out if you need new water softener installation service:

  • Location: Some areas of the country rarely have these issues. Unfortunately, in Indiana, it’s an ongoing problem.
  • Consumer Confidence Report: This gives you easy access to knowledge about the amounts of minerals in your supply. As a general rule, 0 to 60 mg/L of calcium carbonate rates as soft, and 61 to 120 mg is moderately hard — problems will be minor. A range of 121 to 180 is hard, and anything over 180 is very hard.
  • Dirty Appliances and Fixtures: If you’re regularly cleaning limescale off your shower head, pans, or kettle, you likely have excess mineral build-up causing this.
  • Dry Skin and Hair: Know your body — if your skin is dry and itchy and you don’t know why, it’s probably due to the calcium and magnesium.
  • Low Water Pressure: The build-up of minerals and limescale can slow down the flow rate in your pipes, leading to reduced pressure.
  • Strange Tastes: If you drink from the faucet and notice a mineral or metallic taste, it’s an indicator you’re consuming various minerals.

Issues with Hard Water

Now that you know how to detect these issues, you probably want to know the potential risks. We’ve created a simple guide to four main issues, so you can decide if a water softener replacement is right for you.

Hair and Skin Damage

If your Indiana home is living with hard water, you’ve probably noticed that your hair and skin are dry and dull.

The reason is that the minerals make it difficult to properly rinse your hair and skin, leaving a residue of soap and minerals that make it irritated and dry. It can even lead to hair thinning and loss if not dealt with in time.

Plumbing Issues

The minerals can build up inside your pipes. It can cause blockages if untreated or lead to low pressure.

If you find that your shower or taps are only giving you a trickle, or nothing at all, this could well be a problem caused by high mineral content.

Spotty Dishware

Hard water causes annoying limescale, which can stick to your pots or dishes. It can be challenging to remove and unpleasant to taste.

High Water Bills

You’re likely to need more soap and product if you have hard water, adding to bills. Your appliances are also more likely to break due to mineral build-up. Feeling like you need to wash things very carefully to avoid mineral build-up can also lead to higher utility bills.

Benefits of a Water Softener

All these issues can have a significant impact on your health and Greenwood home or business. However, with high-quality water softener services, you can remedy this issue and see a range of improvements.

Healthier Hair and Skin

Water softeners help to remove lots of the minerals that cause your hair and skin to dry out. It prevents a residue from building up and stops or slows issues such as dry skin, hair thinning, and hair loss.

Fewer Plumbing Issues and Breakdowns

The softer your water is, the less likely it is that you’ll have a dangerous build up in your pipes. It means that you’ll be spending less money on plumbing services and experiencing fewer blockage issues.

High-quality water softening system services from Chapman offer long-term benefits as well. With a softener, you can see an extension on the lifetime of your pipes and appliances.

Cleaner Dishes

A water softener repair will prevent as much limescale from affecting your supply. It will make your plates easier to clean and more pleasant to use.

Savings on Water Bills

You can reduce your costs in a wide range of areas, including utility bills, appliance repairs, and household product purchases.

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