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Indianapolis Water Softener Service

Do you continuously see spots on your dishes? Is your hair dry and brittle despite an excellent hair care routine?

These streaks and dryness may be the result of hard particles and contaminants in your water. In fact, it is likely a sign of hard water problems, which can impact both home routines and your pipes.

Yes, water can be “hard,” but there are also ways to make it ‘soft.’ At Chapman, our water softener system service can resolve these problems for you so that you can have cleaner pipes and healthier living. Call to schedule service with us today!

Hard Water Vs. Soft Water

So what’s up with this “hard” versus “soft” talk? Well, most Indianapolis homes find they have one or the other. In homes in Central Indiana, hard water is often prevalent.

Hard water has a high concentration of minerals, especially magnesium and calcium. The more of these minerals that are present, the “harder” it is.

While you may want calcium and magnesium in other parts of your diet, these minerals are not great for your Indianapolis area home or company. It can leave spots or film on dishes and affect the longevity of your home appliances, like your washer.

The preferred option is soft water, which is free of harsh minerals. This type will not have an abundance of magnesium and calcium, so it will prevent scale buildup in your appliances and pipes.

These mineral levels also would affect your health. Hard minerals can inactivate soap ingredients. It can even leave a layer of residue on your skin and hair, causing your hair to be brittle and dry.

Soft water will increase the soap’s effectiveness. Without a layer of residue from these harsh minerals, your hair will be softer and silkier.

What Does a Water Softener System Do?

So, with these differences in mind, what does a softener treatment from Chapman do?

This water treatment targets the overabundance of minerals. It aims to reduce the minerals and essential filter your supply.

The water system service can work through either mechanical or chemical routes. For example, using ion-exchange, the mineral tank attracts the calcium and magnesium, trapping them with resin beads. The beads strip the minerals from your supply.

A softener treatment will eliminate minerals such as:

  • Calcium
  • Magnesium
  • Bicarbonates
  • Sulfates

The outcome is “soft” water free of pollutant build-up.

Mineral-free solutions are ideal in the Indianapolis climate. They can help battle the stickiness and dryness caused by low humidity, cold weather, and hard water.

Benefits Provided By Water Softeners

The benefits of softeners do not stop at shinier hair and less itchy skin! Benefits provided by increased water quality apply to all areas of the home or company building, including:

Softer and Cleaner Clothes

Hard minerals invade your washer and cause scale and build-up. It can leave a layer of film on your clothes and prevent real cleanliness. With softening services, you will find softer clothes, free of the filmy layer, and ultimately cleaner.

Better Tasting Water

If you have excess minerals in your pipes, you may think that drinking water from the faucet tastes “off.” The fault lies with the mineral deposits.

Investing in a new water softener replacement and treatment service will clear out the calcium and magnesium, significantly improving the taste. You can skip the filter and start drinking water straight from the faucet!

Less Soap Required for Dishes

You will find you use less soap when you’ve eliminated the minerals causing spots and streaks. Less soap means less time cleaning residue and less time sighing at stubborn spots on your wine glasses.

Reduced Faucet and Pipe Damage

The mineral and scale deposits can build-up in your pipes and cause damage. Regular water softener repair and maintenance will increase the longevity of your pipes and faucets.

With water softeners, you’ll avoid one of the leading culprits of corrosion connected to extensive plumbing repair projects.

Water Softener Services from Chapman

Chapman Heating, Air Conditioning, & Plumbing experts are also Indianapolis area residents like you. We understand the hassle of dry skin, spotty dishes, and appliances damaged by a mineral build-up. It’s why we’ve dedicated our services to help our customers achieve healthier and cleaner water for a healthier and cleaner life.

Our high-quality new water softener system replacement and installation service is top of the line and consistently provides optimal results. We test your supply, determine the mineral levels, and figure out a viable and affordable solution to your problem from there. If your Indiana home or business has an older water softener that isn’t getting the job done anymore, we’ll be able to replace it with a new one.

Throughout, customer service is our priority. We work to maintain our relationship with you, so you and your family can rely on us for years to come. You can easily schedule service with us for water softener repair and maintenance as needed.

Contact Chapman for Indianapolis Water Softener Services

The Chapman process is simple and efficient, and it all starts with a call. We will evaluate your household needs and help to recommend the appropriate water softener system.

If you have questions or are looking to jump on the advantages of water softener services in Indianapolis, please give us a phone call or contact us online.

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