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Water Softeners in Lebanon, Indiana

Do you have water spots on your dishes? Does your water taste off? Has a plumber found mineral deposits and pipe damage in your plumbing system? If you’re tired of dealing with hard water problems in Lebanon, you’ve come to the right place.

At Chapman Heating, Air Conditioning & Plumbing, our team is made up of certified and licensed plumbing specialists, each with all of the training and tools needed to meet all of your plumbing service needs. If you’re done with hard water problems, ask us for water softening services today!

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What Is Water Softening?

At its simplest, water softening is a type of water treatment process that specifically aims to mitigate and remove the minerals commonly associated with hard water. There are various chemical and mechanical methods to achieve this, but all work off of the same principle of reducing the presence of magnesium, calcium, and similar sulfates and bicarbonates from your home water supply.

The result is what we call “soft” water, or water that is free of these scale-causing pollutants. Homeowners tend to prefer soft water, especially in areas where hard water is common like where we live. Soft water is more agreeable on the skin, requires less soap, and minimizes pipe wear caused by harmful water pollutants.

The Benefits of Water Softeners for your Lebanon Home

By taking advantage of water softening methods for your plumbing system, you stand to benefit from the following results:

  • Certain health benefits. While it’s not recommended to regularly consume soft water, it does display beneficial effects when used for hygiene. Soft water is less harsh on human skin and hair, which often results in less dryness.
  • Less soap used in cleaning. Soft water is excellent for home and dish cleaning, reducing or completely removing the minerals that cost “water spots” and streaks. Additionally, soft water requires less soap per wash, saving you on a costly cleaning tool.
  • Reduced scale buildup in pipes. The primary reason many homeowners choose soft water lies in its benefits for your home piping systems. Scale and mineral deposits are one of the leading causes for the corrosion and wear that typically leads to needing plumbing repair.
  • Boiler and water heater benefits. If your home uses a hot water boiler system then you stand to add years of service to your system! Both hot water heaters and water boilers benefit greatly from reduced scale, helping to maintain tank health and system efficiency.

Our Water Softening Services in Lebanon

At Chapman Heating, Air Conditioning, & Plumbing, we’re dedicated to helping our clients get the absolute best in the business in all regards. We use state of the art water softening equipment that utilizes a multiple-process softening system for optimal results and a long-lived treatment system.

When you call on us we can expertly assess your water treatment needs, make a recommendation, and offer water softening system installation services to match your needs!

Water Softening Services in Lebanon

The entire process is quick and simple, meaning you could be enjoying the benefits of soft water in your home within days or less! If you’re ready to gain the advantages of water softeners in your Lebanon home, or even if you’re just curious and want to find out more, our experts are ready to help at any time.

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