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Lebanon, IN, Water Softener Service

Water softening is a simple process with many benefits. Water softening systems remove magnesium and calcium ions and replace them with potassium or sodium ions.

By installing a softener and eliminating calcium, minerals, and scale, you can see many benefits. It will lower your energy bills, prevent future plumbing services, improve skin health, and ensure you have premium H2O quality for years to come.

We are Chapman Heating, Air Conditioning, & Plumbing, your Lebanon, Indiana water softening service providers. If your home or company needs water softener repair, water softener replacement, or would like to install a softener in Lebanon and the surrounding areas, call us today.

How to Know if You Have Hard Water

Even though it’s a common problem for nearly every home, many people aren’t sure how to identify whether they live in a hard water area. Here are some signs that your Lebanon water supply needs water softening:

  • Watermarks: Minerals such as calcium and lime leave deposits on your sink and faucets. If you notice watermarks around your faucets and sinks, even right after you’ve cleaned them, it’s likely because of hardness.
  • Skin problems after showering: Did you know that hard water can affect your skin? It can make your skin feel itchy and even leave a red rash. That’s because washing in it will leave soap behind, and mineral deposits left on the skin absorb lots of moisture rather than getting to your skin.
  • Low water pressure: Mineral deposits can clog up your faucets and showerheads, which leads to lower pressure and poor appliance performance.
  • Strange taste: Hard water has a distinct flavor and odor. It may seem metallic-tasting due to the excess of minerals, or you may even get a mud-like taste due to build-up in the pipes.

If these sound like problems you’re experiencing in your home or business, call Chapman for new water softener replacement, repair, and installation services in Lebanon. We can help to provide solutions to all of your plumbing or water softening needs.

Issues With Hard Water

Hard water can cause serious problems for your Lebanon home and health, which is why it’s crucial to have it softened. Some water problems you may find:

  • Hair and Skin Damage: The excessive minerals can irritate the skin, particularly if you have sensitive skin. People with eczema or other skin issues may see a flare-up in their symptoms. Hair is equally susceptible to these minerals. Magnesium and calcium can create a film on the hair, making it hard for the hair to absorb moisture and stay healthy.
  • Plumbing Issues: Not only does hard water leave stains in sinks and tubs and ugly buildup on fixtures, but it also affects the inside of your plumbing system too. The build-up of minerals in the pipes can form clogs, decrease water pressure, and increase stress on fixtures and pipes.
  • Spotty Dishware: As noted, you can tell the mineral content in your pipes based on the marks on your dishes. But spotty dishes aren’t merely unpleasant to see—they can be unhealthy. You could be consuming the residue and mineral build-up without even realizing it.
  • Higher Bills: Hard water forces your system to work harder because of the particles built up in your pipes and fixtures. It means you pay more. If you have a softener and can’t figure out why your bills are so high, you might need water softener repairs. When your current softener isn’t working correctly, you could be wasting H2O and money.

If your home or business is dealing with any of these issues from hard water, call a team of professional technicians that have the experience you need to fix or replace your water softener system.

Benefits of a Water Softener

While you can’t change your supply of H2O, water softeners go a long way to remedy the water problems affecting you and your family. For example, high-quality water softeners can be installed by Chapman and will result in:

  • Healthier Hair and Skin: Thanks to fewer damaging minerals in the H2O that comes out of your faucets, your hair will be able to absorb moisture, and your skin won’t feel irritated. It will also be easier to get a good lather from your soap.
  • Fewer Plumbing Projects and Breakdowns: You can say goodbye to build-up in your pipes that can cause blockages and issues with appliances. Your appliances will thank you, and so will your bank account.
  • Cleaner Dishes: Soap will work more efficiently with soft water, and you won’t get a build-up of lime or calcium on your dishes.
  • Savings on Bills: Water softeners will save you money on your bills by efficiently softening your H2O supply without waste. And, because your system won’t have to work so hard to produce water, your bills will be lower anyway.

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