Allergies Be Gone with the Bryant Perfect Air Purifier

No one likes to be sick. Colds are frustrating and make you feel less than your best. Seasonal allergies can drive you crazy too. You are constantly sneezing, your eyes are watery and itchy and you feel congested all of the time. Scheduling doctor’s appointments takes up time and money, and paying for costly prescription medications can also be expensive. … Read More

Get in the Spirit of Giving: Operation Cans 2014

Get in the holiday spirit by donating canned goods on Friday, October 24, 2014. Chapman Heating and Air Conditioning is a proud sponsor of WFBQ/Q95 Operation Cans 2014, a canned food drive to benefit Gleaners Food Bank. All donations will produce hot meals for the areas less fortunate families to be served on Thanksgiving Day. Gleaners Food Bank is leading the … Read More

What’s New at Chapman Heating & Air Conditioning

In case you didn’t know, we’re expanding Chapman Heating and Air Conditioning! Check out the progress of the construction on our new building. We have definitely come a long way and can’t wait to show you the finished product! [gallery-single] Give Chapman | Heating | Air Conditioning | Plumbing | to provide air conditioning services for your home today

Chapman Heating & Air Conditioning Honors Humane Society Executive Director

INDIANAPOLIS, August 26, 2014 – Chapman Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc., a local HVAC company in Indianapolis, along with Habegger Corporation, a company that provides HVAC parts, supplies, services, training and equipment, honored Rebecca Stevens, the Executive Director of the Humane Society for Hamilton County, with the Bryant True Heroes award at the Humane Society’s Dog Day Afternoon event on … Read More

HVAC Maintenance: You Shouldn’t Do it Yourself

Everyone is always looking to save money when it comes to home repairs. They can be costly and after watching a certified technician make the repair you might think, “Oh, I could have just done that myself!” But you are not a certified service technician and the Internet can be deceiving. You might find an online article explaining how you … Read More

Prevent Water Damage in Your Air Conditioner

Summer is quickly approaching, which means the temperatures are going to rise. You will be outside having fun in the sun, then cooling off in your nice, air conditioned home. However, you probably haven’t thought about how your air conditioner could suffer from water damage. Summer doesn’t just bring warm weather. It also brings rain that can lead to water … Read More

Meet Service Manager Chris Baker

We like to think of our team at Chapman Heating and Air Conditioning as a family. Since our customers are such an important part of our business we want them to feel like part of the Chapman family too! What better way to get to know our family than by introducing some of our employees to you on our blog. … Read More

Beat Allergy Season by Installing an Air Cleaner

Do you or your family members suffer from springtime allergies? Unfortunately, Indiana is expected to have some of the highest levels of pollen it has ever seen this spring. So what can you do to keep your allergies under control while we battle through the season? Use a high-efficiency air cleaner to make sure the air inside your home is … Read More

Why Chapman Heating and Air Conditioning?

You might be surprised to hear that in our business it’s not all about furnaces and air conditioners, it’s about the people. We strongly believe the basis for great service starts with the people we hire. Our team of certified technicians provides excellent service in a timely manner to all of our customers. Let Jeff Chapman, the man behind the business, shed … Read More