Air Purification and Indoor Air Quality Services in Indianapolis

Air purification and indoor air quality (IAQ) are major concerns for homeowners in Indiana. In some cases, homes contain too much insulation, which can prevent proper ventilation. Improper ventilation can decrease your home’s indoor air quality, which can cause respiratory problems, headaches, fatigue, increase the risk of infections, and have long-term health effects.  

We suggest installing air quality systems that solve these common issues homeowners face due to poor IAQ. Chapman Heating, Air Conditioning & Plumbing’s air purification and indoor air quality services are the perfect solutions for homeowners in Indianapolis looking to improve the cleanliness of their home’s air. We can help you by installing air quality systems that actively exchange indoor and outdoor air, eliminate contaminants, moderate humidity, and eradicate germs. 

If you live in Indianapolis and are looking to take control of your health with better IAQ, contact us today to take advantage of our all-encompassing air purification and indoor air quality services!

Our Indoor Air Quality Solutions

Chapman Heating, Air Conditioning & Plumbing offers a full spectrum of indoor air quality solutions for homeowners in Indianapolis.

Before we do anything, we will do testing to determine the state of your indoor air and see which solutions would best apply to your situation. Our skillful technicians can then complete installation services for various systems, including air filtration, UV germicidal lights, energy recovery ventilators, and humidifiers and dehumidifiers. The right combination of these systems can effectively remove allergens and contaminants, ensuring high-quality indoor air.

A proper system will remove both larger and smaller particles and ventilate air efficiently without inflating your energy costs. Count on Chapman to provide you with the perfect combination of solutions that guarantee your indoor air quality is clean and cost-effective.

Air Quality Testing

Our Indianapolis, Indiana, indoor air quality specialists offer comprehensive air quality testing to identify sources of low indoor air quality and improve energy efficiency. We also provide mold testing to ensure your home is free of hidden mold spores. This is the first step to getting your IAQ in good shape, so call us today to schedule your IAQ inspection.

Air Purifiers

Chapman offers air purification solutions for residents of Indianapolis. Our air purifiers remove inert particles like dust, pollen, and dander, as well as living pollutants like mold spores, bacteria, and viruses. These air purifiers are very flexible and can be installed at the air handler, providing ample filtration and air purification for homes without costing a fortune to operate or slowing airflow.

In addition to air purifiers, we offer sanitizing services for heating and cooling equipment. These services make sure that HVAC systems are free from contamination that could affect indoor air quality. HVAC sanitizing provides peace of mind and can be particularly useful for homeowners who are concerned about air quality due to possible contamination of the HVAC system components.

Chapman’s indoor air purification services are suitable for almost any home with IAQ issues. We offer a range of options to suit the needs and budgets of all our customers.

Air Filtration Services

Professional installation of air filters can capture harmful particles circulating through your HVAC system and home, resulting in healthier and more comfortable indoor air. 

Chapman Heating, Air Conditioning & Plumbing offers customized air filtration services in Indianapolis to combat numerous allergens and improve your overall environment and health. As a locally-owned company with years of experience, you can trust us to deliver superior results. Contact our indoor air quality professionals to learn more and schedule an appointment.

Dehumidifier and Humidifier Installation

When humidity levels are too low, as is often the case during the winter months, it can lead to dry and itchy skin, irritated sinuses, and increased susceptibility to colds and other respiratory illnesses. Humidifiers can help alleviate these symptoms by adding moisture to the air, increasing humidity levels, and improving indoor air quality.

On the other hand, when humidity levels are too high, it can lead to the growth of mold, mildew, and other allergens that can cause respiratory problems and aggravate asthma and other respiratory conditions. Dehumidifiers can help reduce excess moisture in the air and prevent the growth of these harmful pollutants.

Overall, humidifiers and dehumidifiers play an important role in maintaining healthy indoor air quality and promoting the comfort and well-being of a home’s occupants. Contact Chapman Heating, Air Conditioning & Plumbing for high-quality dehumidifier and humidifier installation services in the Indianapolis area.

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