The History of Home Automation

Home Smart Control

Technology creating smarter homes is nothing new. Sure, more recent advances may be more impressive to us. However, the concept has been around for a very long time. This concept, called home automation, often makes people think about being able to perform tasks around the house from miles away of a phone or tablet. This, while true, is just one … Read More

Explore a Career as a Service Industry Professional

Chapman Team

In today’s world, there is a lot of pressure to pursue a 4-year education. Many say it is the only way to find a successful and rewarding career. But, did you know 53% of college grads are under or unemployed? A 4-year education is not the only path to a strong career. Pursuing an education at a vocational or trade … Read More

Home Automation Smart Thermostat: Take Control of Your Home

House temperature controls

The boom in smart, mobile devices over the last several years has changed the way homeowners control and monitor their home in some pretty amazing ways. Synchronizing home security systems with smart phones and tablets allows people to watch cameras, arm alarms and even lock doors from afar to give them piece of mind. Even more recently, new refrigerators let … Read More