Employee Spotlight – Matt Harrold of Scott Plumbing

We have previously featured a few of the awesome people that make up our great team at Chapman Heating and Air Conditioning, but this week we wanted to introduce Matt-Employee-Photo-300x189you to an employee at our sister company, Scott Plumbing. Meet Matt Harrold, the Plumbing Field Supervisor at Scott Plumbing!

When Harrold first started working for Scott Plumbing back in April of 2011 he started out as a plumber. Since then, Harrold has moved up in the ranks and is now the company’s Plumbing Field Supervisor. Harrold said, “I’m responsible for all of the plumbing jobs and getting the right material lists for each job together. I gather estimates and answer a lot of technical questions throughout the day. I also manage all of our plumbers. When I’m not in the office I’m out on jobs helping out our team wherever I can.”

Harrold has a wide variety of responsibilities, but he does try to manage to stick to a schedule. Harrold said, “First thing in the morning I will come into the office and go through emails, then I’ll look through the job list for that day. The larger jobs are usually first since they require more time. After I have looked through all of the scheduled jobs I will run materials over to the guys going out on service calls. I am also answering phone any chance I can. I also like to work ahead so I will get materials together for the next day.”

Because a large part of Harrold’s job is answering phone calls and customer questions, he has noticed one particular topic popping up more and more. Harrold said, “Most of the customers that call and are not inquiring about scheduling a job are asking about tankless water heaters. They are very curious about what they are, how they work and the benefits of switching to one. It’s nice to know that people think to call Scott Plumbing with their questions to receive expert advice or information.”

But balancing supervising his fellow employees and going out to assist them on various jobs can be stressful when you are also trying to take care of customers. Harrold said, “The most stressful part of the job is just balancing everything and being able to give customers the time they need. But I love helping our customers. We provide a great service that I can be proud of.”

Since the team at Scott Plumbing is always helping their customers in any way they can, Harrold passed along some information everyone can benefit from. Harrold said, “In April of 2015 all water heaters are going to change, the makes, the models, the pricing, everything. So if you have a water heater that is 10 years old or older you will definitely want to have it replaced before April 2015. The sooner you get your machine replaced the better.”

So why should people choose Scott Plumbing over any other company in Indianapolis? The answer is clear to Harrold. Harrold said, “We give our customers products and services that fit their needs the best.  We are trustworthy and reliable, and always willing to help our customers in any way that we can.”

For more information about Matt Harrold and Scott Plumbing, give them a call at 317-773-3325 or visit their website today!

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