HVAC Maintenance: You Shouldn’t Do it Yourself

Everyone is always looking to save money when it comes to home repairs. They can be costly and after watching a certified technician make the repair you might think, “Oh, I could have just done that myself!” But you are not a certified service technician and the Internet can be deceiving. You might find an online article explaining how you can fix your furnace all on your own, but are you really trained to do so? What happens if the article’s instructions don’t match up with your machine? You could cause serious damage to your HVAC system and have costly repairs to pay for.

Certified service technicians spend years learning their craft. They know exactly how to avoid major problems when working on your systems and how they should be installed. Messing with the ventilation system in your home can be very dangerous. You might have to remove drywall and mess with seals that keep your heating and cooling systems running efficiently. This project is not an amateur DIY project.

By all means, you are more than welcome to change your furnace or air conditioner filter every month, or switch out the batteries in your thermostat. Those are simple tasks that do not require professional supervision, but when it comes to big repairs, hold off on bringing out the tool kit. It will take you hours to check out your system, learn what the parts are, learn where the parts are located, and then finally start removing pieces. The job could cost you anywhere from a couple hundred to a couple thousand dollars between the time, new parts and potential errors that could occur while you are working on the machine.

Also, did you know that DIY repairs are not covered under your system’s warranty? HVAC companies understand the risks associated with improperly installing pieces is higher for those who think DIY repairs are the way to go, so they will not cover mistakes you have made to your machine in the warranty. You are 100 percent responsible for the damage done to your system if you choose to fix it yourself. Again, this will cost you even more money.

The minute you notice something wrong with your HVAC system, call a contractor. They will be able to accurately answer your questions and properly assess your situation. Let the experts at Chapman Heating and Air Conditioning take care of your repair and maintenance needs. Don’t over spend on fixing mistakes you made by trying to repair your system yourself. You don’t want to risk losing your warranty coverage. Give us a call at ​317-291-4909 or visit our website for more information.

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