How to Prevent Frozen Water Pipes

Leaky Pipes

Winters in Indiana begin in November. The temperatures might stay cool and mild for a while, but the weather quickly turns chillier as the last of the leaves fall. It’s during this time when homeowners face one of the biggest risks that cold weather can bring–a frozen water pipe that could potentially burst and cause severe water damage to your … Read More

Watch Out for Frozen Pipes this Winter

One of the worst casualties of winter is frozen, cracked and leaky pipes. You try your hardest to prepare for the frigid weather by having your furnace tuned up and utilizing your whole home humidifier, but sometimes your plumbing doesn’t receive the right amount of attention it should. This winter, use some of these great tips to help keep your … Read More

Prevent Frozen Pipes from Damaging Your Home

Imagine you are leaving your snow-covered home to go on a much needed and highly anticipated vacation to a place with white, sandy beaches and warm island breezes. You might double or triple check your packing list to make sure you have all of the chargers for your mobile devices, your tooth brush and passport, but have you thought about … Read More