A Carbon Monoxide Detector can Save Lives

You wouldn’t dream of living somewhere without a smoke detector, but many people don’t realize that having a carbon monoxide detector (also known as a CO detector) is just as important. Carbon monoxide is a poisonous gas that can build up from every day sources like gas stoves, idling cars, improperly vented gas fireplaces or even from your furnace. It’s colorless and odorless—and deadly.

We almost always recommend installing a CO detector in any home in which we work. It’s simply part of the basic safety equipment every family should own. Recently, we heard from a customer about how our insistence on the detector saved her life and the life of her elderly mother.

After installing a new furnace for the Indianapolis family, our technician noticed they did not have a carbon monoxide detector. He advised them that installing a CO detector was prudent, even with a new furnace. They agreed and he installed the detector.

A few months later, they woke in the wee hours of the morning to the beeping of the detector. They felt sick, with nausea, headaches and coughs—all classic symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning. They called the fire department, and when they arrived, the firemen noticed very high CO readings in the attic they shared with two other condos. They woke their elderly neighbor, who did not have a carbon monoxide detector, and found that she had left her car idling in her garage for more than 24 hours. The exhaust had vented into our customer’s home.

We’ll let the customer tell you in her own words what this incident meant to her:

“The firemen said that the CO detector saved our lives and we agree. We are most grateful for the service technician who sold us the CO detector. Had we slept through the deadly gas at those levels, we would have been dead by morning. Plus, the firemen thought that her overheated car could have caused a fire. Her car had just run out of gas or the CO level could have been worse.

Thanks for explaining the safety needs for our CO monitor. CO monitors do save lives!”

Now, you might be tempted to run out and buy a detector from your local home improvement store, and that is better than nothing. However, store-bought CO detectors typically don’t trigger until there are extremely high CO levels for at least three hours. Especially in homes with children, the elderly or those with respiratory conditions, those levels can easily cause long-term impairment or death before you’re even aware there is a problem. Have a low-level CO monitor installed that can sense particle levels as low as 5 parts per million on each level of your home. It’s the best way to keep you and your family safe.

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