Duct Free Units for Older Homes

If you live in an older home in central Indiana, you might be dreading the summertime. Homes constructed before central heating and cooling systems became popular are not designed for the network of air ducts newer HVAC systems require. Remodeling an older home to accommodate ductwork may not be practical if city codes or homeowner associations limit the changes that can be made to the home’s historical architectural style. So what do you do? Don’t sweat it. A duct free heating and cooling system is the answer to beating the summer heat.

First, you’re probably wondering what a duct free system is and how it works. Like any standard heating and cooling system, a ductless unit has both an indoor and outdoor component. The outdoor unit contains the compressor and condenser. The indoor unit consists of the evaporator (the component in the cooling system that extracts heat from air) and the fan that blows the cooled air into your home.

Individual units are installed into each room in your home to help your control the temperature. Because ductless systems let you control each room’s environment, the entire household won’t be disturbed when a unit cycles on or off. Ductless systems are adaptable to almost any comfort need and any home’s design and configurations.

The elimination of ductwork substantially raises a ductless system’s energy efficiency. Because the heat pumps used in ductless systems move heat rather than generate it, they’re far more energy efficient that conventional heaters like furnaces and boilers. Ductless systems include controls for each individual air handler. Most systems come with remote controls that let you adjust temperatures without leaving the comfort of your couch.

If you’re living in an older home, it’s time to say goodbye to those unsightly and outdated window units and upgrade to a duct-free heating and cooling system. They are easy to install, energy efficient and quiet. What’s not to love? Don’t spend another summer suffering through boiling temperatures and an old HVAC system. Call your friends at Chapman and we’ll get you feeling cool and comfortable in no time. For more information about duct free systems call ​317-291-4909 today!

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