Employee Spotlight: Andy Gibson

It’s May and that means the weather is finally warming up. It’s not quite time to crank on the air conditioner, but when it is, your unit needs to be ready.  If you didn’t already get a spring clean for your heating system, you still have time. There are a few things you need to know to make sure your system is in tip-top shape for when the heat gets to be too much and it’s time turn up the cool air.

To learn more about air conditioners and what typically causes them to stop working, we went straight to the source. For our May employee spotlight, we got to know Andy Gibson a little better and learned all about air conditioning units, what makes them break down and how we can prevent that from happening.

Andy Gibson is our production manager, which means he oversees our installation department. Andy started at Chapman is 2000 as a warehouse helper, from there he moved his way through the company to his current manager position.

With so much skill and knowledge, we’re lucky to have Andy as a part of the Chapman team. When asked what his favorite thing about working at Chapman was, he had this to say:

“Biggest thing is the family atmosphere. You really feel like you’re working with a family from the top to the bottom of the totem pole, everyone has a role in the family. That makes it a fun place to work. “

Andy’s role in the Chapman family is a supportive one. He oversees installations outside of the office on a daily basis and keeps things running smoothly out in the field. Originally from Indianapolis, one of Andy’s favorite thing about his work at Chapman is interacting with clients.

“I get a tremendous amount of enjoyment interacting with homeowners and clients – hearing their stories. Every once in a while, you get a story that knocks you back on your heels. Every day when I come to work I want to learn something about someone.”

Outside of his work at Chapman, Andy spends time with his two children. Both of his daughters have a passion for playing soccer and Andy spends a lot of his time at the soccer fields or helping out at school events. When Andy gets some time to himself he takes his motorcycle out for a ride.

While we’re talking to Andy, we had to ask a few questions about air conditioners and how to keep them running normally.

“The biggest thing that typically leads to an air conditioning unit failing is lack of regular maintenance. Routine maintenance really goes a long way. Not getting a yearly clean and check is a lot like buying a new car, not changing the oil for 15 years and expecting it to last 20 years.”

We still have a few months before the heat really sets in, call Chapman today and schedule your spring clean and check to make sure you’re ready for summer!

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