Employee Spotlight: Meet Earl Huffman

EarlHuffmanIt’s time for another employee spotlight. We love getting to know more about customers and we think it’s great for them to get to know us. This month we’re highlighting Earl Huffman. Earl is the training coordinator at Chapman Heating and Cooling and is responsible for training our new hires on the high standards that make Chapman a leader in the heating and cooling industry.

So what is a typical day like for Earl? “Well, it varies but I usually have about 4-5 students that I train on any given day, sometime more, sometimes less. My days are just fun here. I really enjoy what I’m doing, and like they say, if you enjoy what you do, you never work a day in your life. “

Earl is an asset to the Chapman team. He maintains our standards through rigorous training and his dedication to the students. It’s Earl’s job to make sure trainees are properly trained and capable of fixing whatever problems arise. Earl is an essential part of our team in that he is the first experience employees have with Chapman. Great training paves the way for how happy, comfortable and knowledgeable our team is.

Earl is passionate about his work and working for Chapman. We strive to make Chapman a place where people work together and share ideas. Earl is a large part of that effort and he trains our employees to help whoever, whenever possible to make Chapman a better place overall.

“My favorite thing about the job is helping out the young people. I have been a trainer at three different companies and at Chapman I know there are always people to help. We’re all really close, it’s like a family. I like working with the young people and helping them grow and learn.”

Earl came to Chapman two years ago and hasn’t looked back. “After I left the last company I was at, I was driving down the road and saw the sign for Chapman and that was it.”

“My favorite thing about working for Chapman is the people, it’s just a nice place to work.”

So when you’re not training the up and coming technicians of tomorrow, what do you enjoy doing? “I like to fish and hunt. My wife and I like to go to antique malls and flea markets on the weekends. I just like to relax and spend time with the people I love. My wife and I are celebrating our 40 year anniversary in November.

What else should we know about Earl?” I’m 68 years old and still kicking. Chapman is a great place to work and I can attest to the training and knowledge of our technicians.”

We’re lucky to have Earl as a part of the Chapman team, thank you for your dedicated hard work! When you come to Chapman next, be sure to stop and say hello to Earl.

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