Employee Spotlight: Mike Puckett

Mike Puckett is one of a kind at Chapman Heating and Air. His passion for teaching, knowledge of the HVAC industry and philanthropic efforts make him the perfect fit for the Technician Trainer and Talent Acquisition role at Chapman. The first and only person to hold this title at Chapman, Mike has spent his career learning the HVAC industry and is passionate about passing down his knowledge.

“I started teaching in 2013, but I have been in the profession for a long time. I like teaching people something new and showing them what type of career they can have in this industry.”

As for his responsibilities and daily duties, we asked Mike what a typical day is like as a trainer.

“On a typical day, I have around 7 students. I teach each morning from 7 – 10, then work on building the training program itself. I enjoy building the HVAC vocational curriculum, I get to go out to vocational schools and training facilities to teach and recruit.”

Mike joined Chapman in May of 2016. Before joining the Chapman team, he spent years training at other reputable training facilities.

“I’ve known Jeff for a number of years, every time we talked, he had a lot of interest in training and developing future HVAC technicians. When I found out the position was open, I took it.”

“A lot of people want trained technicians, but don’t want to spend the money to invest in them. It’s rare to find people willing to support training, and that’s what I found at Chapman.”

We asked Mike what he typically looks for in a potential Chapman employee. He said the qualities that stand out the most are ambition and interest in the trade.

“I’m nearing the end of my career and it really feels nice to give back and teach the younger guys. The goal is to teach them everything we know, then they can take over for us when it’s time to retire.”

We learned a lot about what Mike does at Chapman, but we wanted to know more about him outside of work. We learned Mike has a big interest in human service topics. For the last 6 years, Mike has been volunteering his time to a recovery group to help those struggling with substance abuse.

When he isn’t at work or volunteering in the community, Mike enjoys playing the guitar.

“I’ve been playing for about a year and a half. I started trying to play about 8 years ago, but the past year and a half I’ve gotten more into it. I mostly like to play older folk-rock and contemporary Christian music.”

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