Employee Spotlight: Scott Smith

Chapman Employee

Scott Smith is the Assistant Service Manager here at Chapman; he takes care of any questions our technicians might have and problems in the field. Scott has years of experience in heating and cooling and often lends his expertise to other technicians. This month we got to know Scott a little better and learned a lot about the benefits of a humidifier.

Scott began working in the industry in his father’s heating and cooling company. He has been sharpening his skills ever since. Now, 20 years later, he is an expert in everything heating and cooling and an invaluable asset to the Chapman team.

When asked what brought him to work at Chapman, he explained, “I’d known of Chapman for a while and knew about their reputation in the industry. When I had a chance to join, I grabbed it.”

Scott has been with Chapman for about a year. When he isn’t working, Scott likes spending time with his children and enjoying the great outdoors. An avid hunter and fisher, one of Scott’s favorite way to relax is out in nature. All month long we’re talking about humidifiers and with 20 years of experience, there was no one better to ask than Scott.

We asked why it was important to have a humidifier in the first place. He explained that humidifiers are good for more than just comfort. “Health and comfort are the two most common reasons people invest in a humidifier, but there are many reasons it’s a good idea to have one. Humidifiers help keep the wood in the home from drying out and splitting, it will cut down on the static electricity in the home and help you to run the heater less which reduces your energy costs.

That all sounds great, but how do you know what type of humidifier you need for the home? “The whole house humidifier is better than a standalone unit for proper humidification throughout the entire home. Whole home units disperse the humidity evenly and therefore, don’t have to work as hard to make the entire home comfortable. Standalone humidifiers don’t disperse the humidity evenly and will usually only humidify one room.

The other biggest difference between whole home and stand-alone humidifiers is the addition of water. Whole home humidifiers automatically refill and use the appropriate amount of water, standalone units must be refilled and depend on you to keep them working properly.

When asked how long a whole home humidifier will last, Scott explained that it depends on the type of unit and how you treat it. “With proper installation and maintenance, you can enjoy your humidifier for a long time.”

If you want to know more about humidifiers and what would be right for your home, give us a call at 317-291-4909. A whole home humidifier is good for your health, comfort and will extend the life of the wood in your home.

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