Why was My Energy Bill so High?

Indianapolis has faced one of the harshest winters this year. We have encountered negative temperatures and more than enough snow and ice. So how has this affected your energy bill? Was your bill through the roof? You’re not alone. There are many causes for high energy bills, and here are some reasons yours might be more than you expected.

Common Causes

  • Broken or unused appliances – A leaky water heater or faulty thermostat can lead to a shockingly high energy bill. Don’t leave damaged appliances unattended. Many electronic devices will continue to use power even when they are not in use. Is your laptop or tablet turned off, but still connected to the charger that’s plugged into the wall? Is your guest bedroom TV plugged but no one is using it? Simply unplug the appliances that are not in use or don’t need to be charged to cut down your energy bill.
  • Increase in occupants – Did you have a lot of guests stay in your home? Did some of your kids come home from college? This can cause a spike in your energy bill. More people in the home means more showers, laundry and dish washing. All of these activities can impact your energy bill.
  • Leaving the lights on – This seems like a no brainer, but how often have you left the lights in the kitchen on even though you’re not in the room? It’s more common than you think. Do you really need to keep that hallway light on upstairs when the whole family is downstairs? No. Turning off lights in areas of the home you’re not occupying with help you save more money and become more energy efficient.
  • Change in seasons – This might also seem like common sense, but the more you crank the heat on the thermostat, the higher your energy bill is going to be. There are plenty of ways to cut down your use of heat in the winter, you just have to be conscious of the temperature you’re leaving your thermostat on when you’re not at home. Turning the temperature down before you leave for work is a great way to lower your energy bill.

There are plenty of ways to save money and keep your energy bill down during the winter months. Make sure you are being conscious of any broken or unused appliances, turning your lights off when you leave the room and keeping the thermostat at a steady temperature. For more information about how to cut down on energy costs, visit our website today.

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