Benefits of Installing Heat Pumps in Indiana

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A lot of homeowners think that heat pumps are no match for the cold winter nights we experience in Indianapolis and across Central Indiana. But that simply isn’t true.

Not only are heat pumps able to stand up to Indiana winters, but heat pumps are also an extremely cost-effective and energy-efficient HVAC solution. If you’re interested in changing your heating system to an energy-efficient heat pump, give the heating and cooling experts at Chapman a call today at 317-953-4897. We are proud to offer professional heat pump maintenance, repair, and installation services in Indianapolis and the surrounding areas that will improve the overall comfort of your home.

Why is a Heat Pump Ideal for Central Indiana

There are several reasons why heat pump systems are great for Indianapolis area homes. If any of the following benefits could positively impact your home, consider heat pump installations services:

Low electrical rates

Marion County has one of the lowest electric rates in the country, according to Chapman owner Jeff Chapman. Instead of using fossil fuels to heat homes, heat pumps use electricity to move heat from the outdoors and into your Indianapolis home, according to

Because heat pumps use electricity and the rates are low here, you’ll see significant energy savings from operating a heat pump. According to Chapman, if you put a pennies worth of electricity into an electric baseboard or portable heater, you’ll get a pennies worth of heat. But if you use a pennies worth of electricity to run a compressor and heat pump, you may get 3.5 to 4 cents worth back.

Significant cost savings

Speaking of savings, you may save up to 50 percent on your electrical costs with the installation of a heat pump compared to electric resistance heating systems, including baseboard heaters and furnaces. Although you’ll spend more on electrical costs compared to a gas furnace, you’ll save overall on your energy bills by not using fossil fuels.

Ideal weather conditions

Yes, Central Indiana can be cold and snowy in the winter, but not as extreme as our northern neighbors. The average higher temperature during the winter months is in the mid-to-high-30s. Heat pumps operate most efficiently above 40 degrees but are still the most efficient heating source down to 30 degrees Fahrenheit.

When temperatures dip to 25 to 30 degrees or lower, it could be a problem. When this happens, you’ll need the assistance of a secondary heating source to go along with your heat pump. Two popular options include electric heat strips or gas furnaces. However, for the majority of winter, you’ll be just fine running your cost-effective heat pump.

Provide heating and air conditioning

Unlike traditional HVAC systems, heat pumps also provide air conditioning in the spring and summer thanks to a built-in reversing valve that reverses the flow of refrigerant in the system. Depending on the season, your heat pump can either produce heating or cooling, whenever you need it most.

Quiet operation

Many heating and cooling systems are extremely loud. High-quality heat pumps, though, operate both quietly and efficiently. With the installation of a heat pump, you’ll be able to heat or cool your Indianapolis home more quietly than ever.

Safer than gas

Gas furnaces offer many advantages to homeowners, but they do come with an inherent safety concern, as there’s always the possibility of a gas leak. Because heat pumps use electricity to run, you won’t have to worry about a gas leak, which makes them a safer option. Contact us today to get heat pump services that your Indianapolis home can depend on.

Financing Options from Chapman

We understand that purchasing new HVAC equipment, like a heat pump, is a significant investment for your Indianapolis home. That’s why we partnered with Wells Fargo to offer 72 months of special financing on a new Bryant system with approved credit. With a Wells Fargo card, you can buy now and pay over time. Call our HVAC experts today to get more information.

Contact Chapman for Heat Pump Service in Indiana

If you’re interested in learning more about the advantages of having a new heat pump installed in your Marion County or Central Indiana home, including increased energy-efficiency and quiet operation, call the professional HVAC experts at Chapman today. If your current heating system breaks down at the worst possible time, the experts at Chapman will be there for you. We offer 24/7 emergency services to ensure that if you ever need heat pump replacement, repair, or maintenance services after normal business hours, you’ll be covered.

Our professional heat pump technicians can help by performing high-quality heat pump maintenance, repair, and installation services to improve the overall comfort of your Indianapolis home. Call or contact us online today to schedule an appointment for heat pump services.