Heating and Cooling Your Home, Intuitively

On a dark and stormy night, when the wind howled and the snowflakes turned to ice pellets, a surprising transformation happened.

The day had been warm, and the house required much cooling. The residents of the home went to bed, setting their thermostat to a cool temperature, hoping to sleep restfully during what they assumed would be a hot evening.

Deep within the belly of a home, as the snowflakes and temperature fell outside, an iron beast sprung to life, unbidden. Without any resident of the house adjusting any of the home’s many switches, thermostats or doo-dads, the iron beast began to emit heat, warming the residents of the home while they slept.

How was this possible? For a heating and cooling system to be so intuitive that it would not only register the outside temperature but switch from cooling to heating, with no human interaction needed? The secret was that this family, seeking a smaller carbon footprint and a reduced energy bill, invested in a Hybrid Heat system.

The hybrid heat system this family had installed was one of the newer models of heating and cooling systems. Instead of having a furnace with an air conditioning system that was manually switched between, the hybrid system used a furnace and a heat pump. When the weather was hot, the heat pump worked as an air conditioner. When the weather was chilly, the heat pump and furnace worked in tandem to heat the home. No matter if the weather changed, the hybrid system would adapt without manual interaction.

Intuitively, the hybrid system would switch, according to the weather, to a setting that would be the most energy efficient for the home. The best part was that this hybrid system was adaptable to a gas or electric system, meaning that the family was no longer susceptible to unpredictable price changes in fuel sources.

As the family slept, they dreamed of lower energy bills and how, with every cycle, they were lessening their impact on the earth’s environment. They slept the restful sleep of those who have no heating and cooling worries

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