Leave Air Conditioner Repair to the Professionals

HVAC Repair

Over time, some things need repairs or a tune up. There really is no avoiding it. Sometimes, depending on what it is, a fix is something relatively easy that we elect to do ourselves.

Fixing a tear in your favorite jeans, changing a bald tire or installing a new light fixture are all manageable DIY projects. But, when it comes to your home appliances, it isn’t that simple.

Sometimes air conditioner repair can be expensive and, being a vital part of your home in the summer, may cause you to think about forgoing a professional, rolling up your sleeves and doing it yourself.

If this is you, stop right now! Trust us, air conditioner repair is no DIY project. For someone who hasn’t been properly trained with the know-how of how to repair these systems, you can end up doing even more damage and possibly harming yourself.

Leave air conditioner repair to the professionals. Here’s why.

Danger! High Voltage

Air conditioners rely on and utilize high amounts of electricity (you may have noticed by your energy bills in the summer!). All kidding aside, electricity is no joke. When you tinker around with an air conditioner without much knowledge or training with electricity, you open yourself up to potentially deadly consequences. Like in any other case, it is best to steer clear from electricity.

Chemicals, Refrigerants and Fumes

Air conditioners rely on a cocktail of different and chemicals and refrigerants to help keep your home cool. Handling these chemicals and refrigerants requires extensive training and safety equipment topped off with certification. Exposure to these chemicals in the wrong manner are extremely deadly or potentially lead to poisonous fumes and spills.

Doing Even More Damage

Let’s say you are brave enough to tackle your own air conditioner repair. If you don’t know exactly what you are doing you may end up doing even more damage to other areas even if you miraculously fix whatever was wrong. This could also result in you voiding the warranty on your unit entirely. Air conditioners – although a seemingly simple concept – are far more complicated than that. Furthermore, diagnosing the issue to begin with, without the proper training, can be very difficult.

You Probably Are Not Equipped

You wouldn’t want to go to work on your car with a hammer, would you? Air conditioner repair is a highly-technical field. Like other highly technical fields, this kind of work requires a specific set of tools and the skills to properly use them the way only a trained professional knows how.

You may consider yourself extremely handy or a good craftsman. However, that alone does not make you qualified to try your hand at air conditioner repair. In most cases, you will only end up doing more harm than good and put yourself at risk of injury.

Always turn to an air conditioner repair expert, like Chapman | Heating | Air Conditioning | Plumbing. Our service techs are not only properly equipped, but they have the know how to properly diagnose and repair your air conditioner and keep it running strong during these hot spring and summer months.

We carry, install and repair top-of-the-line air conditioner units and are proud to serve all of Central Indiana’s plumbing, heating and cooling needs.

Give Chapman | Heating | Air Conditioning | Plumbing a call to provide air conditioning services for your home today.