Reduce Your Heating Bill Without Reducing Comfort

Sometimes keeping your home toasty warm during the winter can become expensive. Your heating bill can become astronomically high while the temperatures continue to drop. Don’t panic. It’s easy to bring those sky-high energy bills down without sacrificing comfort one bit. So don’t break out that Snuggie to stay warm just yet. Start with these simple tips for a cozy and cost-effective winter.

The first and most important step you need to take is to make sure your furnace is running at peak performance. If you have any doubt that something might be wrong, call a professional. Chapman can install the world’s most energy efficient HVAC system. If you have drafty rooms or a cold bedroom, our installation team can address these trouble spots for you. Regular maintenance helps extend the life of your furnace, while saving you money. Give Chapman a call for more information about preventative maintenance.

For whole-house comfort, consider installing a programmable thermostat. Programmable thermostats allow you to tell the thermostat to keep the temperature low during the day while no one is home, and at night while everyone is asleep. At pre-set times, like when you return home or when you wake up, the temperatures will automatically return to more comfortable levels. By saving your furnace while you’re away or asleep, you can shave dollars off of your annual energy bill. Best of all? This will also save you cash during the summer cooling season.

Colder temperatures mean it’s time to become more aware of how often your exhaust fans are running. The fans in your kitchen and bathroom are actually expelling the warm air inside your home when they are on. If you absolutely have to have a fan on, keep it on only for as long as you need it (like to suck the steam out after a shower or while cooking) then turn it off. This is a money saving habit everyone in the house can easily adapt.

Finally, make sure you’re actually getting that warmth you’re paying for. If air isn’t circulating around your house properly, your furniture or rugs might be blocking the vent. Consider moving your furniture around so that it doesn’t block the vents in your home. This will keep your home warmer and also leaves you with a fresh, new living space.

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