The Doctor is In – Your AC Unit Needs a Check Up

Your AC unit works hard and deserves respect. For a lot of people, their AC units go under-appreciated until they break down. To prevent things from breaking down when you need them the most, schedule regular check-ups with professional technicians that can diagnose an issue before it becomes a major problem.

During the year, your air conditioner gets dirty. Dust-caked coils, dirty filters and blockages are just a few of the many issues that come with a years’ worth of work. Servicing your unit prevents these little cleaning issues from becoming costly repairs. The best times to clean and check your system is after a summer of working hard to keep the house cool and again after a long dormant winter where your unit collects dust.

Regular check-ups are common for a lot of things in life. Regular doctor appointments gauge health and will alert doctors to potential problems. Regular oil changes help extend the life and health of your car. Without these check-ups you run the risk of developing more serious and costly expenses.

The health and longevity of your unit is only part of the reason you should be scheduling maintenance checks for your unit. The other factor to consider is the efficiency of your unit. An inefficient unit could be costing you a lot of money through the years. Annual check-ups make sure everything it running the way it should be, as efficiently as possible.

The older the unit, the more important regular maintenance is. Older units have an increased chance of breaking down and are less efficient than new models. Regular maintenance could save your system from a costly breakdown.

While maintenance does have an upfront cost, the amount of money you saved in preventing big breakdowns and increasing efficiency more than makes up for the cost of an annual check. Peace of mind that your unit is running smoothly and shows no signs of letting you down when you need it the most is an added bonus of regularly scheduled check-ups. It’s finally spring and summer will be here before you know it, call today and schedule your check-up today. Our professional service technicians will make sure your unit is clean, efficient and ready to work all summer long.

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