Winter Flooding in Wildwood, New Jersey

This winter has been mild for us here in Indiana, but while we have been enjoying 50 degree days in January, other parts of the country are getting hit hard by winter weather. When you think about dangerous winter weather your first thought isn’t usually flooding, but that is exactly what caused an emergency situation in Wildwood New Jersey last month.

If you haven’t read the story or seen it on the news, the unbelievable flooding all started as a heavy snow storm. The snow quickly melted away, leaving a river running through most of the northeast. One town in particular faced extreme flooding that caused serious damage to homes, businesses and roadways, Wildwood New Jersey. This coastal town’s damage was more than a few iced-over roads or heavy snowfall, the melted snow became a huge flooding issue for North Wildwood, New Jersey. Mayor Patrick Rosenello said flooding reached a record high of 9.26 feet, 6 inches higher than flooding during Superstorm Sandy.

In extreme situations like the one that took place in New Jersey this winter, it might seem like there isn’t much to do to prepare, but there is. Preparing your home with a sump pump and regular maintenance is one way to be a little more equipped when weather situations occur.

Sump Pump

Your first line of defense is a working sump pump. Even if you don’t live in areas prone to flooding like the eastern seaboard, it’s still a good idea to have one in the home just in case. Even here in Indiana, it’s not uncommon for basements or homes in low level areas to experience flooding or situations with excess water in places it shouldn’t be.

To describe it briefly what a sump pump is, this device pumps ground water from heavy rain out of the pump pit in your basement. A sump pump acts as a huge floor drain and keeps water from getting too deep, perfect for managing flood situations and removing water before it causes more problems for your home.

Backup Pump System

Even the most reliable piece of equipment can malfunction and fail. That’s why it is important to invest in a backup sump pump system. A backup sump pump, even a battery-operated style, can begin working if the main sump pump is out of commission. Make sure your equipment is up to date and ready for anything in an emergency situation. Flooding can happen at any time and being prepared with working equipment is your best defense.

Water Commander

An alternative to the sump pump and backup sump pump is the Water Commander. This pump is the best in emergency situations because it uses your home’s city water pressure as the source of its pumping energy. It does not depend on battery or electricity, so there is little maintenance needed to keep your home protected from flooding for years.

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