Your Pipes Might Be Failing, Here’s How You Can Tell

Did you know that pipes have an average lifespan of about 50 years? If your home is older or the plumbing has not been updated, your pipes most likely have issues that could cause costly repairs. Even 10-year-old pipes can start showing their age and compromise the flow of water to your home and appliances.

A surefire way to tell if your pipes are damaged is uneven water flow. The water flow from faucets around your house should be consistent, if you experience different flows, call Chapman Heating, Air Conditioning and plumbing immediately.

“Don’t wait for that inevitable leak. We’ll check all of the pipes, marking those that need to be replaced. We’ll also evaluate the benefits of replacement in the original location of the pipe. Or, if they are under a slab or in a location that would require extensive damage to walls or ceilings, we will recommend a repair. “– Jeff Chapman, Chapman Heating and Air

Keep an eye on your monthly bill to be sure that your pipes aren’t draining water and your wallet. Stay aware of all of the signs and symptoms of bad pipes. Look for leaks, listen for noises and carefully track your monthly bill.

Another thing to look out for is pinhole leaks. These leaks usually sound like a running toilet and will cause the meter to spin while no appliance is in use. If that is the case, you have a pinhole leak and will need repair. Unfortunately, pinhole leaks don’t usually happen in just one place. If you have one pinhole leak, odds are you have many pinhole leaks. Leaks like these are bad news for your home and for your wallet.

Repairing an entire plumbing system is a difficult task. The Chapman professionals are highly skilled in replacing pipes and fixing damage with as little damage to your drywall and floors. Damage caused by leaking pipes can be extensive and pipes that leak without notice for long periods of time cause massive amounts of expensive damage as well as one big repair project.

An even bigger costly mistake is not hiring a professional. Leaks inside of walls or under slabs of concrete are typically not a do-it-yourself project (unless you happen to be a certified technician).

If you suspect your pipes are leaking or damaged, call the Chapman Plumbing experts at 317-291-4909. Make sure you’re not spending money on a water bill that is also damaging your home from the inside out. Schedule your appointment today.

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