Who Do You Call for a Garbage Disposal Issue?

Garbage disposal repair

Garbage disposals are a great kitchen appliance. They help us clean plates and bakeware without making trips back and forth to the trash can. But like all appliances, garbage disposals can break down or stop working suddenly. When that happens, who do you call to fix your Garbage Disposal Issues? Garbage disposals are a mix of electrical and plumbing that might make you question on who to call to fix your issue. Knowing who to call can save you time and money.

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Why You Should Call a Plumber for Your Garbage Disposal Problem

Plumbers will be the most effective when it comes to resolving your garbage disposal issue. Most likely a plumber installed your garbage disposal, and they have the knowledge to solve most issues, even electrical ones.

In the event that your garbage disposal is clogged or jammed, an electrician might not know the most effective way to clear the clog and locate and eliminate the source of the problem. Even if you’re pretty sure you have an electrical issue with your garbage disposal unit, call a plumber first. They have more experience with garbage disposals than electricians in general.

Common Garbage Disposal Repair Issues

The type of garbage disposal issue you’re experiencing may determine if you need to call a plumber at all. Some garbage disposal problems can be fixed by properly resetting the disposal or removing a clog. Here are some common garbage disposal problems, and how to troubleshoot them.

  • Garbage Disposal Won’t Turn On. If this is the case, make sure your garbage disposal is plugged in. Next, try hitting the reset button on the bottom of the disposal. If the disposal has been “tripped” this button will pop out, and popping it back in should help. If neither is the case, check your circuit breaker to see if that’s been tripped, or try resetting the circuit. 
  • Disposal Is Humming, but Does Not Grind. This most likely means your disposal is jammed. Make sure the garbage disposal is off and then get a flashlight to see if there is something blocking the blades of the disposal. Use a spoon or a long instrument to see if you can clear the blockage. Never stick your fingers down a garbage disposal. 
  • Garbage Disposal Drains Slowly. This most likely means that your garbage disposal is clogged. Try to remove what waste you can from the disposal. You can also disconnect the drain trap to better remove the clogged items.
  • Garbage Disposal Is Leaking. There are several connections to your garbage disposal that can leak. Find the source of the leak, and get a wrench to tighten any bolts you see. 

If none of these issues pertain to you, or if you’ve tried these solutions and are still having issues, it’s time to call a plumber. 

How to Avoid Garbage Disposal Issues

In order to keep your garbage disposal in working order, there are a few rules you should live by when operating your garbage disposal:

  • Always run cold water when running your garbage disposal.
  • Never use chemical drain cleaners to unclog your garbage disposal. They won’t be effective and will add toxic liquids to your kitchen sink and pipes.
  • Grinding up lemon peels and ice cubes will keep your garbage disposal from developing odors.
  • Do not grind fibrous foods like coffee grounds, eggshells, potato peels, bones, or onion skins. 

If your plumber determines you need a new garbage disposal, a typical installation runs between $250 to $450. Depending on how old your garbage disposal is, your repairs might be covered by your warranty. Be sure to locate any warranty paperwork before calling a plumber.

Call Chapman to Fix Your Garbage Disposal Issues

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