Employee Spotlight: Meet Brandy

We have an exceptional team at Chapman and we want you to get to know them! This week we’re shinning the spotlight on Brandy Clements. Brandy has been with us for 6 years, her first day at Chapman just so happened to also be Jeff Chapman’s Birthday. She is the best gift Jeff could have gotten; she helps keep things running smoothly at Chapman with her positive attitude, endless energy, permanent smile and exceptional customer service skills.

Brandy is the service agreement administrator at Chapman. So what does that mean? Well, Brandy makes sure people know what they can do to protect their systems and keep their homes running efficiency. Basically, she’s the one that makes you glad you know her and have your service agreement up to date when the heater breaks down in the middle of winter. Brandy makes sure everyone is aware of how an agreement keeps your system running efficiently and what’s all included. “The service agreement is a value people don’t realize they’re getting until something breaks and they need us to come out. Most people don’t realize that having your system properly maintained can help identify problems before they happen and keep things running smoothly”.

Brandy wears many hats at Chapman; she helps with invoices, training, accounting and service. Pretty much anything that needs done, Brandy is there to help do it.

Brandy started working at Chapman while completing her degree. She now has her degree in social work and a minor in psychology. “I wanted to show my children the importance of an education. I love it here and I love coming to work every day, I really didn’t want to leave so when they asked me to stay on I did.” Brandy’s education and background make her the best fit for the job. She is great at listening and understanding people’s needs. “You have to be a people person and I love helping people.” Brandy has the ability to really understand people’s needs and understand in a way that a lot of people without her experiences and background don’t know how to do.

When she isn’t keeping up with service agreements and helping the office run smoothly, Brandy spends time with her 4 kids. She has a 22 year old daughter in college, 18 year old twins and an 11 year old. “I’m a dance mom, a soccer mom and do a lot of work with the booster club.” Brandy also loves photography. She likes taking pictures of her kids and family members, including her Chapman family.

When you come visit Chapman keep an eye out for Brandy, she will be the one with the big smile and the friendly hello. To learn more about service agreements and how Brandy can help you save time, money and a cold home in the middle of winter, schedule an appointment or give us a call at 317-291-4909 to schedule an appointment. If you have had a service agreement in the past, it might be time to renew it!

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