Flood Damage, By the Inches

When was the last time you thought about your sump pump? Probably during the last heavy rain or flood warning. Sump pumps aren’t really something we think about often, but when heavy rain hits, they can save tons of money in damages.

The cost of a sump pump is well worth the amount of money you save by having one. Unfortunately, just having one isn’t enough. Today we’re talking about the real cost of a flood, what you need to do to make sure your sump pump is in good working condition and a few backup precautions to keep in mind.

Average Cost of Flood Damage

Depending on the type of damage, amount of water and location, the cost varies from a few hundred to thousands. According to Floodsmart.gov, drying a flooded basement can cost anywhere from $500 – $20,000.

  • 1-4 inches: the estimated cost is $10,00 or more, depending on the size of the basement.
  • 5- 8 inches: Flood Smart estimates roughly $20,000 in damage.

Try out the flood simulator to see how much it would cost if it were your home. You never know when flood waters might hit. Take Wildwood, New Jersey for example. A coastal town familiar with storms and flooding in the warm season, they were not prepared for what happened in the middle of winter. Warmer weather melted the snow and sent over 9 feet of flood water into the homes and basements of the town’s residents.

Average Life Span

Sump pumps are relatively low-maintenance. Routine checks keep systems working properly. We recommend regularly checking the discharge line, inlet screen and pit to clear any debris or blockage. Slowly pour a bucket of water down the drain to test the pump. Check outside to make sure the water is going where it is supposed to – far away from the home.

When your pump start showing its age – or stops working the way it’s supposed to, it’s time for a replacement. A sump pump life span is about 5-7 years. You don’t want to be left vulnerable when you need a pump the most, so it’s a good idea to replace it when it reaches this age range.

Not only are newer pumps more reliable, technology updates have made them faster and more efficient at removing water.

Backup Precautions

A flood could happen at any time, sometimes without you knowing. Wi-Fi enabled water alarms alert you to water in the basement when it happens. This is your first step to minimizing damage and cost in the event of a flood.

Usually one of the first things to go in bad weather is the power. If you’re lucky, the power stays on, your pump is in good working order and the basement stays dry. If not, a backup sump pump is your best line of defense against expensive water damage.

Battery pumps or water powered backup pumps can easily be installed in normal to narrow sump pits. They automatically begin pumping during power outages, when the main pump fails or when water exceeds the capacity for the main pump.

The investment to purchase a battery or water powered pump is worth the peace of mind. On average backup pumps cost between $1,600 – $2,200, depending on the pump selection and installation requirements.

Backup sump pumps are worth the time and money to protect your home. When you’re ready to talk about sump pumps, the installation process and how your whole home will benefit from one, give us a call or schedule an appointment.

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