Why it Makes Sense to Buy a Service Agreement

We asked owner Jeff Chapman why he thought service agreements were so important to homeowners.  His answer boiled down to several key issues; value, convenience and extending the life of your equipment.

Value - Service agreements include 2 tune-ups a year, cleanings, discounts on service and labor warranty. The true value comes from combining the most inexpensive services, discounting them together and then offering additional discounts if something does go wrong.

Convenience – If something goes wrong, our service agreement customers get priority on service calls. The service agreement also takes care of the cleanings, tune-ups and things you might forget to schedule ordinarily.

Extending Equipment Life -  The service agreement is the best way to protect yourself and keep from paying for big, expensive repairs. Small repairs and cleanings will help your unit run more efficiently. Without the additional stress of working hard due to dirt and build-up, units last longer. Small fixes throughout the year will keep your system working all season, it really is the best value you can get to protect yourself.

The service agreement is the type of thing you will appreciate more when you have it. It is an undeniable value that makes sure your system is covered all year long. Learn more about service agreements and make sure that yours is renewed. Call us at ​317-291-4909 and talk to Brandy about how an agreement can save you time and money.

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