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Do you need AC repair for a damaged, worn-out, or failing cooling system? Air conditioners break down over time, but they don’t have to cost a fortune in repairs. If your air conditioner is struggling to work or has stopped functioning altogether, you can call our HVAC company for honest pricing and service.

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Emergency Air Conditioning Repair Services

Do you need emergency HVAC repair? Don’t sweat for long! Call us now at 317-291-4909 and speak with our team to schedule immediate repairs when you need them most. We are available to assist you, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. After receiving repair services, you may be interested in looking into our service agreements to keep your comfort system running at peak performance!

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When Should You Call for AC Repair Service?

Some air conditioning problems are obvious to spot, such as an AC unit that just won’t turn on anymore. Other air conditioning repair issues require professional help to make sense of, such as uneven heating and cooling in your home, or problems with ductwork that are obstructing your indoor air quality.

At Chapman Heating, Air Conditioning, & Plumbing, we can get to the bottom of your air conditioner problems to fix issues before they become too complex or cost-prohibitive to resolve. We regularly service the following common AC repair problems:

  • The cooling system is blowing warm air
  • The AC unit is leaking excess water or is frozen
  • No cooling or cold air coming from the air conditioner
  • There is a sudden, unexplainable increase in your energy bill
  • The air conditioner is releasing strange smells, noises, or odors
  • The thermostat temperature and the temperature you feel are different

All of the above concerns are indicative of a problem with your air conditioner. When you rely on your AC system to keep your home cool and comfortable, even a small repair problem can cause a big upset in your home. Thankfully, our AC repair technicians can come to your home to assess, fix, or replace your air conditioner as needed.

Are you experiencing any of the above with your AC system? Call Chapman today at 317-291-4909 for air conditioning repair in and around Marion County, Indiana! Or fill out a contact form and a service representative will get in contact with you ASAP to schedule an appointment! 

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At Chapman Heating, Air Conditioning, & Plumbing, no day is the same. With so many brands and manufacturers of air conditioning systems out there, our HVAC technicians are constantly learning and progressing as leaders in the heating and cooling industry.

When you schedule air conditioning repair with our team, you can expect first-rate, up-to-date service, and repairs that are built to last. Before your appointment, be sure to meet our team, read out recent testimonials, or review our financing options!

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Our Indianapolis AC Repair Service Area

Chapman Heating, Air Conditioning, & Plumbing’s air conditioning technicians offer quality air conditioning repair services in Indianapolis and throughout the areas of Brownsburg, Carmel, Fishers, Greenwood, Indianapolis, Lebanon, and Noblesville, Indiana. If you’re wondering where there is an air conditioning repair contractor near you, you’ve come to the right place with us.

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