Heat Pump Repair in the Indianapolis Area

As a leading home comfort provider, the HVAC contractors at Chapman Heating, Air Conditioning & Plumbing will answer your heat pump repair service needs quickly, efficiently, and within your budget!

For years, home and business owners in Indianapolis, Lebanon, and Fishers and nearby communities have trusted our service team to meet all of their heat pump repair needs. We place a focus on offering leading products and services at a price point that doesn’t take advantage of your situation. If you need heat pump repair service near Indianapolis, Lebanon, and Fishers, you can count on us.

If you need to talk to an HVAC contractor directly about your Indianapolis heat pump repair problem, we are always glad to take a call – just dial our phone number at (317) 207-9378, or contact us online!

24-Hour Emergency Heat Pump Repair

Unfortunately, your heat pump is not going to wait for an appropriate time to cause a ruckus! HVAC problems can happen at any time, and they don’t care whether it’s after normal business hours or not. Thankfully, neither do we. We specialize in repairing heat pumps, and we can provide service at any time of day. Our air conditioning repair team at Chapman is available, equipped, and ready to serve no matter the time or day, so any time you need service go ahead and give us a call.

Heat Pump Repair in the Indianapolis Area

Servicing Indianapolis, Lebanon, and Fishers and Nearby areas.

It takes virtually no time at all for your Indianapolis area home to become uncomfortable without the aid of a properly functioning heat pump system. Even small issues with your heat pump, like airflow restrictions or a loss of power, can result in hours of discomfort, and you just don’t deserve that. What you do deserve is a team that is trained in the latest repair techniques and that is equipped with cutting-edge tools that enable a swift rectification of the issue you’re experiencing. That’s exactly what you’re going to get from Chapman.

Whether the heat pump issue is large, small, something in between, or even something on the bizarre side, you can be certain that we’ve seen and successfully handled them all. Need new heat pump installation, rather than just repairs? Contact us as soon as possible for heat pump repair services in Indianapolis that you can count on.

Signs You Need Heat Pump Repair

Sometimes a problem is abundantly clear. But the majority of the time an issue with a heat pump doesn’t start out drastic. They’re most typically a result of a long-standing issue that didn’t get caught early enough. If you could catch them earlier – and get service on time – you can avoid the more costly and complex problems.

Want to know what to look for? Keep watch for these common signs:

  • Drops in efficiency – Heating and cooling costs tend to stay fairly static. Is your bill shooting up all of a sudden? This is a good sign that a problem could be cropping up.
  • Lowered heating or cooling power – Many issues can cause a loss in heating and cooling power, but many can be stopped or prevented if you schedule service on time.
  • Mode jamming – Is your heat pump stuck in “heat” or “cool” mode? This is typically an issue with the reversing valve – an easy fix in the hands of a trained professional.
  • Loud or odd noises – In nearly all cases, loud noises trace to a component that is wearing down or lacking proper care. To prevent this as much as possible, be sure to keep up with heat pump maintenance!
  • Funny odors – While not necessarily damaging on their own, musty odors often point to a large accumulation of dust, which can lead to system overheating and other potentially damaging malfunctions.
  • Electrical issues – Any problems with flickering lights, buzzing or humming sounds, or short cycling should be dealt with ASAP. These can be some of the most dangerous and costly problems to have, so you need them handled right away!

If your heat pump is ever beyond repairs for whatever reason, the professional technicians at Chapman are skilled at performing heat pump replacement services. No matter what issues are plaguing your heat pump, Chapman is there for you.

Heat Pump Repair in Indianapolis, IN, and the Surrounding Areas

Our team of heating professionals puts a focus on saving you both money and stress, offering swift priority solutions that intend to keep you comfortable and prepared for all seasons. From heat pump repair to heat pump installation, Chapman can help with it all. Looking for some help, or not really sure what’s going on with your heat pump? Reach out to us today, and we’ll be glad to assist you.

Contact us on the web any time to set a date for service. If you need to talk to a heating or air conditioning technician directly, dial (317) 207-9378!

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