Be Prepared: Plumbing Repairs for Concrete Slabs

So the worst scenario has happened and something is wrong with the plumbing within your concrete slab. You’re not sure what is happening, but you have made the first step to fix the problem by calling a professional. Here are a few things you need to mentally prepare for during a concrete slab repair.

First, the plumber will ask why you think there is a leak in the concrete foundation.  Then the water in the house will need to be turned off by the plumber in preparation for specialized listening equipment the plumber will use. This equipment will listen for any leaks or inconsistency within the pipes.

When the leak or problem is discovered a plumber will use this technique to fix the problem:

Jackhammer Approach

The jackhammer approach is very inconvenient to home owners, but may be the best way to fix the problem. Where ever the leak is detected a square of your home will need to be cut and removed. Then a jackhammer will be utilized to break through the concrete slab to gain access to the pipes. For this approach, make sure to factor in the costs of repairing the floor that was damaged. Be prepared for loud noises and to avoid the area for the duration of the repairs.

Concrete slabs leave no room for short cuts or quick fixes. Repairing plumbing within a concrete slab is expensive, time consuming and can happen any time of year. Expect any damage in your slab to take at least a week’s worth of inspection and labor to be completed. When a leak occurs, call Chapman to determine the best option for your home. For more information about concrete slab leaks or repairs, give us a call at ​317-291-4909 or visit our website today!

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