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Can you imagine living in a home without plumbing? Although that was common until the early 1900s in America, it’s almost impossible to imagine living without plumbing today.

A properly functioning indoor plumbing system offers so many great benefits, from hot water for washing dishes and taking showers to a garbage disposal that eliminates food waste. The convenience is amazing! So when you experience serious plumbing problems, it’s a huge inconvenience and can even feel like your life has been put on hold until a fix is made.

When it comes to plumbing issues, don’t wait days or weeks for a repair – contact the professional plumbers at Chapman Heating, Air Conditioning & Plumbing to make a quick, accurate and reliable repair or installation. Contact Chapman today to find out why we’re the most trustworthy and reliable plumbing and HVAC company in Thorntown and all of the greater Indianapolis area.

For Quality Plumbing Service, Chapman Has You Covered

Whether our plumbers are repairing a dripping faucet or installing a new hot water heater, we’re not satisfied with the job we’ve performed until our customers tell us they are. There are several reasons Chapman stands apart from the competition.

Emergency service 24 hours a day

Serious plumbing disasters often occur when you least expect them to – during the middle of the night, on the weekends, holidays and while you’re away on vacation. That’s why Chapman Plumbing offers emergency plumbing services 24 hours a day in Thorntown, IN. Our dispatchers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and can often dispatch a plumber for same-day service.

Rating on Google

But don’t just take our word for it. Click here to read our reviews from customers that we’ve provided reliable plumbing repair and installation services for over the years. Our company has a 4.8 rating out of 5 stars on Google based on nearly 400 reviews. We’re extremely proud of that fact! There’s not a better feeling in our industry than when a satisfied customer recommends our service to friends and family.

Extensive experience

We’ve been in the heating, cooling and plumbing game for more than 30 years. During that time, we’ve honed our craft and, in the process, grew into one of the area’s most trusted providers of plumbing services. Give Chapman a call today to find out why we stand out in a crowded field of plumbing service providers.

Licenses and certifications

When you call us, you can rest assured knowing that all of our plumbers are licensed and certified. When a technician arrives at your Thorntown home for a repair or installation, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing they have the right tools, skills and expertise to do the job right – the first time.

Plumbing Services Chapman Offers in Thorntown, IN

Chapman Heating, Air Conditioning & Plumbing technicians are experts at repairing plumbing issues and installing new equipment and appliances.

Our services for Thorntown, IN, homeowners include:

  • Plumbing installation
  • Plumbing repair
  • Plumbing inspections and maintenance
  • Commercial plumbing services

Plumbing Systems Chapman Works With

Chapman’s plumbers can do it all! From repairing or replacing a water heater to a sump pump, Chapman has the tools and experience for the job. They are skilled and expertly trained in repairing and replacing pipes, fixtures and appliances.


Your plumbing pipes are the veins of your home’s plumbing system, pumping water to and from your home. They also carry sewer waste away from your home or commercial business. We repair or replace the following:

  • Frozen pipes. When the winter cold hits Central Indiana, it can cause unprotected pipes to burst. This can cause major flooding and expensive repairs and replacement.
  • Replacing pipes. If your Thorntown home’s plumbing pipes burst, are corroded and rusted due to old age or just unreliable and leading to frequent leaks, call us.
  • Concrete slab leaks. A concrete slab leak occurs when a leak develops in the water lines below the foundation of your home. This can cause significant damage to your home’s foundation and will need to be repaired immediately to avoid further damage.
  • Leaking pipes. Clogged pipes can often lead to leaking and broken water pipes, which should be repaired or replaced right away.

Fixtures and appliances

Chapman also repairs and replaces the following fixtures and appliances:

  • Faucets
  • Toilets
  • Showerheads
  • Faucets
  • Dishwashers
  • Water Heaters
  • Sump Pump
  • Water softener
  • Garbage disposal
  • Ice makers

Learn More About Plumbing Systems We Work With:


Frozen Pipes – Indiana’s harsh winter can destroy your pipes if you don’t properly plan ahead for the frigid temperatures. Leave a steady trickle of water running in your kitchen and bathroom sinks. This will reduce the pressure in your pipes, keeping them from freezing and cracking.

Replacing Pipes – Scale buildup from hard water reduces water flow through pipes and is a poor conductor of heat. Eventually, pipes can become completely clogged. If you have scaly, white deposits in sink basins or on fixtures in your bath or kitchen, a water softener will help improve your water quality.

Concrete Slab Leaks – Concrete slabs leave no room for shortcuts or quick fixes. Repairing plumbing within a concrete slab is expensive, time-consuming and can happen any time of year. Expect any damage in your slab to take at least a week’s worth of inspection and labor to be completed.

Leaky Pipes – Notice a leak under your kitchen sink? Don’t wait until it’s too late to contact a plumber. Early leak detection can mean the difference between a $5 repair and a $5,000 repair.


Faucets – Hard water can gum up the inner workings of your faucet, causing clogs and other problems that will cost hundreds of dollars in plumbing repair.

Showerheads – Hard water can damage showerheads slowly over time because of the buildup of lime and calcium, which will cause low water pressure. You will need to use a harsh chemical solvent to get rid of mineral scaling or replace the pipes completely.

Bathroom Remodels/Shower Pans – Freestanding showers, especially in older homes and apartment complexes, often feature fiberglass showers pans. Over time these pans will crack due to water pressure and hard water buildup.

Toilets – If you have an older style toilet, we believe most of them can be effectively repaired. If your toilet is constantly clogging or flushing slowly, it might be time to invest in a new one.


Sump Pump – Sump pumps are crucial to keeping basements dry. If you leave your sump pump unchecked you could be left with thousands of dollars in flood damage.

Hot Water Heaters – We offer a variety of tankless and standard water heaters. We can replace your current system with a similar model or we can discuss energy savings options.

Water Softener – A water softener will help decrease the amount of calcium and magnesium in your water and keep your dishes and plumbing in great shape.

Garbage Disposal – A clogged garbage disposal is a common household issue that can easily be resolved with the help of a trained plumber. We offer disposals ranging from the most basic to units that are very quiet and come with extended warranties.

Plumbers in Thorntown, IN

Whether your needs are small in scale, large, or somewhere in between, Chapman has the services and products to match. As a qualified, licensed, and successful service contractor in Thorntown, we’re glad to offer our clients leading solutions and services they can trust. For over 30 years we’ve been getting the job done, done right, and done on the first visit.

Contact us online today to find out more or to schedule Thorntown plumbing service! Prefer a phone call? You can reach a Chapman team member today by dialing 317-291-4909!