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Water Softener Services in Brownsburg, IN

Do your drinks taste funny? Do watermarks dot your dishes?

If you’ve experienced these issues, you most likely called a plumber to check your plumbing system. From there, the plumber told you that there were mineral deposits and damage in your pipes. Hard water is most likely the cause. But what’s the solution?

At Chapman, we are experts in dealing with hard water. Our licensed and certified team can tell when your supposedly soft, clear H20 contains hard particles and contaminants. Since the particles and contaminants can potentially be hazardous to your health, you’ll need professional water softener services in Brownsburg and the surrounding Indianapolis area to make your H20 as safe as possible.

Give the team at Chapman a call today to learn more about how we can soften your home’s H20, or to request services!

Hard Water Vs. Soft Water

What is the difference between hard and soft water? With hard H20, you’ll find magnesium and calcium minerals. On the other hand, soft H20 has higher concentrations of sodium, potassium, or other materials to replace the metals.

Both hard and soft water appears clear to the average observer, but there are a few ways you can tell the difference, including,

  • Your hands feel slimy/filmy after you wash them
  • You see significant spots on your glass and dishware after washing
  • Your clothes have mineral stains or become worn faster
  • The water pressure in your home or business is weak or inconsistent
  • Your drinks taste metallic or weird

What Do Water Softeners Do?

If you notice any of the issues above with your tap supply, it could have an excess of metals. To make your H20 soft and avoid health risks, all you need to do is install a softener.

Water softening systems run by moving hard-drinking liquid through a resin. This is a sticky, insoluble substance that comes from certain trees and plants, covered in positively charged sodium ions.

The sodium replaces the magnesium and calcium and creates a healthier drinking experience. The sodium molecules overpower the hard minerals because they have a net electric charge. The amount of sodium used varies by machine but leaves your drinks tasting fresh and pure.

Benefits Provided by Water Softeners

In areas where hard H20 is common, such as Brownsburg and Indianapolis, IN, many homeowners prefer to soften their tap supply through a softener installation. Others choose water softener system replacement when they’re ready to upgrade to a more efficient system. You’ll irritate your skin less, use less soap, and reduce the wear on your piping.

Here are the benefits you can expect when you choose to install and utilize a softener in your home plumbing system.

Better Tasting Water

Hard water is known for its distinctly metallic taste. The magnesium, calcium, and other minerals sit in the liquid and dominate the previously neutral flavor.

With a water softening system, you’ll enjoy non-metallic tasting H20 since your supply is free of these minerals.

Less Soap Required for Dishes

If you’ve been washing dishes with hard water until now, you know how inefficient it is. The dish- and glassware usually come out with mineral stains or streaks whether you apply detergent.

With a softener, you won’t see those marks anymore. Plus, you’ll use less soap. Give us a call today to request a water softening appointment.

Reduced Faucet and Pipe Damage

Within a home or business, maintaining a sound and stable plumbing system is crucial to maintain the longevity of the space. A new water softener system replacement or initial installation will reduce scale and mineral buildup. With the machine in place, you’ll increase the life of your piping.

Water Softeners Service From Chapman

If you’re looking to switch to soft water, call or contact Chapman plumbing online today. Our team of licensed professionals is dedicated to providing cleaner and clearer drinking tap supply for everyone in Brownsburg, Indiana.

Here’s what you can expect when you schedule water softening services with our team.


For first time clients, you’ll work directly with a Chapman plumbing technician to decide what kind of tap softener works best for you. You can choose between sodium or potassium-based resin machine.

One of our water softening team members will come regularly to add sodium or potassium pellets to your machine.

Repair and Replacement

Whether you’ve had a previous tap softener give out or installed incorrectly, we can help. When the time comes, a Chapman Plumbing professional will help you with water softener system repair and replacement services in Brownsburg. We work on your schedule to complete efficient work timely, so you can get back to enjoying your tasty tap water supply.

Contact Chapman for Brownsburg, Indiana Water Softener Services

At Chapman Plumbing, we can help you by providing water softening services that make a difference in the quality of your home’s water. We not only install the initial machine, but we also perform high-quality repair and replacement services on all water softeners. We offer an excellent customer service team to ensure that any questions you have along the way get answered in a timely, efficient manner. Get in contact with us and give us a call today for water softening service that your home can trust.

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