Chapman Heating & Air Conditioning Honors Humane Society Executive Director

INDIANAPOLIS, August 26, 2014 – Chapman Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc., a local HVAC company in Indianapolis, along with Habegger Corporation, a company that provides HVAC parts, supplies, services, training and equipment, honored Rebecca Stevens, the Executive Director of the Humane Society for Hamilton County, with the Bryant True Heroes award at the Humane Society’s Dog Day Afternoon event on … Read More

Programming Your Thermostat for all Seasons

As the seasons change, so must the temperature on your programmable thermostat. Not sure how you should be programming your thermostat during each season? Here are some easy to follow tips. Programmable thermostats help you conveniently manage your home temperature settings by creating a schedule. They help save you money and are super easy to control. In the fall and … Read More

Summer Cool-Down Tips

When the summer temperatures rise, so does your energy bill. Don’t let the heat, humidity and a high energy bill keep you sweating any longer. There are plenty of ways to keep cool and save money during the summer months. Here are some of our easy and cost effective summer cool-down tips. Keep your house closed up tight during the … Read More