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Schedule a Repair

Indianapolis HVAC Repair You wouldn’t drive your car for thousands and thousands of miles without changing the oil? Of course not. Why? Like all machines, there is wear and tear on the system. To keep your car running you have it checked out by a professional periodically. The same logic applies to your HVAC system. Cleaning the filters, checking the … Read More

Before You Call: Air Conditioner Isn’t Cooling

Check the settings on your thermostat. Make sure the temperature control selector is set below the current room temperature, and the system switch is on the COOL or AUTO position. The fan switch should be set to ON for continuous airflow or AUTO if you want the blower to operate only while the air conditioner is operating. Try to get … Read More

A Visit from Steve Coscia, The #1 Customer Service Expert

Chapman Heating and Cooling

Back in May, we were excited to host Steve Coscia at our warehouse for a seminar. Steve is a noted expert, author and speaker in the field of Customer Service. He was at our facility to teach our staff about the Customer Experience in 2 half-day seminars. What we learned from Steve was invaluable and will help Chapman continue to provide the best … Read More