Furnace Not Lighting? Here Are the Signs of an Ignitor Problem

Furnace ignitor

When temperatures dip below freezing in Indianapolis and across the Central Indiana area, homeowners rely on their furnace or other heating system to keep them warm and comfortable. But like all appliances, furnaces will break down over time. Unfortunately, this can sometimes happen during the worst possible time, such as the middle of the night when it’s freezing outside. Sometimes, … Read More

5 Reasons to Go with a Tankless Water Heater

Tankless water heater

You’ve probably heard plenty of people talk about tankless water heaters and how great they are. Tankless hot water heaters have skyrocketed in popularity among homeowners in the Indianapolis area and across the country for a variety of different reasons. Although some water heater traditionalists aren’t sold on the superiority of tankless water heaters yet, the truth is clear as … Read More