How to Protect Your Home from Winter Damage

Cold temperatures lead to a decrease in the amount of moisture in the air. The lack of moisture not only causes itchy, dry skin, but it also takes a toll on the inside of your home. Have you noticed the paint on your walls start to chip, is your wallpaper peeling or are your hardwood floors starting to crack? Is your furniture looking a little worse for wear? These are all side effects of dry winter air combined with blasting the heat inside your home. A whole home humidifier is a simple solution.

Signs of Damage

  • Cracks or splits in hardwood flooring or walls
  • Wood flooring or doors show gaps
  • Joints on cabinet doors or wood paneling have widened
  • Loose chair legs and arms

Why a Whole Home Humidifier?

A whole home humidifier is a better solution to your problems than portable humidifiers because portable humidifiers can only humidify one or two rooms. You most likely have wood furniture in more than one room of your home so you’ll need optimum protection and a whole home humidifier gives you that. If you invested a reasonable amount of money in your wooden tables, chairs, bed frames and dressers you want those pieces of furniture to last a long time.

A whole home humidifier is less noisy and requires a lot less supervision than portable humidifiers. Portable humidifiers also need to be filled multiple times a day and cleaned every few hours. No one has time for that. A whole home humidifier reaches every room in your house with equal, even comfort. That means all of your furniture in every room in your home will be protected from the dry, winter air. It draws water from your pipes so there is need to refill or clean it. A whole home humidifier saves you time, money and extends the life of your furniture.

Extra Tips

Besides installing a whole home humidifier you can also use some of the following tips to save your furniture and keep your home looking great all winter long.

  • Use high quality furniture oil. Always put the oil on the rag and not directly on the wood and rub the piece thoroughly. Do this once every six months to keep your wood furniture in tip-top condition.
  • Move your furniture out of direct sunlight.
  • Move your furniture away from heating vents. It’s best to keep your furniture 3-5 inches away from the wall. This allows the heat to circulate without directly blowing on your furniture which will cause it to dry out and crack.

The winter weather has done enough damage to roads and vehicles, so don’t let it ruin your home décor and furnishings. A whole home humidifier can help extend the life of your furniture and keep your home looking brand new all winter long. Call Chapman Heating and Air Conditioning today to schedule an appointment today!

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