The Benefits of a Whole Home Humidifier

This winter has been mild so far, but we still have a long way to go before we’re through the cold season. As the temperature drops lower, people crank the heater to stay toasty warm on cold, dark nights. Warm air is great for a cozy nights’ sleep, but when the air heats up it loses moisture and dries your skin and your house, a humidifier is the best way to add moisture back into the air.

Why do I need a humidifier?

Humidifiers prevent common winter annoyances like dry skin, nosebleeds and sometimes even reduce snoring. Adding moisture to the home helps keep your furniture and floors from drying out as well.

What does a humidifier do?

Humidifiers add moisture to keep the air at an ideal temperature and comfort level. Whole home humidifiers do the work for you and add the correct amount of water vapor to the air to keep your home from feeling dry and stuffy

What kind do I need?

There is a variety of models, specific to different needs. When you’re ready to add a humidifier to your home give Chapman a call and we will match you with the right humidifier for you.

Whole home humidifiers attach directly to your HVAC system. They run through your air duct system and deliver humidity to your home evenly. When properly maintained, these units will last a while and are a great addition to the overall health and comfort of your home.

A humidifier is your best option for avoiding static, sore throats, and dry skin. And because humidified air feels more comfortable, you can enjoy comfort at cooler temperature settings to help save energy and money over the winter.

When you’re ready to make your home healthier, more comfortable and less expensive through the winter, give us a call at 317-291-4909 to schedule your appointment.

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