Puritan Water Conditioning: Built for Indiana’s Hard Water

Hard water is nobody’s friend. It can ruin your plumbing, your faucets and your hair and skin. Hard water is a pain to deal with, and it doesn’t help that Indiana is famous for it. So how do you save your pipes and yourself from the effects of hard water? A Puritan Water Conditioning system is exactly what you need.

Hard water is caused by particles like calcium, magnesium, iron, lead and other minerals being picked up by water as it travels through the ground and out of your faucet.  Water hardness will vary depending where you live, but in general, water is relatively hard when it leaves treatment plants. All of the minerals and dirt in the water reduce soap’s ability to later and clean. This causes a dingy, white residue on dishes, sinks and bathtubs. It also causes buildup in your hair and leaves a film on your skin.

So how do you prevent hard water from ruining your life? Puritan water conditioning systems not only soften water, but also filter the water and remove impurities. Instead of spending money a shower head filter and a water softener, you get the results of both devices in one system. Puritan filtration and softening systems correct a variety of problems, while generally improving the quality of your water.

When the quality of your water is improved, the life of your plumbing is greatly increased. Hard water can cause scale to build up on water heaters and pipes. This will limit the water flow, which will cause the machine to work twice as hard, and increase your energy bill. Improved water quality will make cleaning and doing laundry much more efficient. Say good bye to dingy dishes. You’ll no longer have to run the dishwasher multiple times to get those hard water stains out. A Puritan conditioning system will help you save money and allow your home to become more energy efficient.

Put a stop to hard water damage today. Puritan conditioning systems will help keep your dishes and hair clean, all while saving you time and money. Stop complaining about hard water stains and mineral buildup. Call Scott Plumbing today at 317-773-3325 for more information about Puritan conditioning systems, or visit their website.

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