Watch Out for Frozen Pipes this Winter

One of the worst casualties of winter is frozen, cracked and leaky pipes. You try your hardest to prepare for the frigid weather by having your furnace tuned up and utilizing your whole home humidifier, but sometimes your plumbing doesn’t receive the right amount of attention it should. This winter, use some of these great tips to help keep your plumbing running smoothly all winter long.

We have mentioned some of these tips before, but we are mentioning them again because they are that important and easy to forget.

  • Pay attention to the weather – This sounds a little obvious, right? But how many times have you neglected to check the weather and wake up to freezing temperatures, ice and snow without properly preparing for it? It’s probably happened more times than you’d like. Avoid being surprised by bad weather by checking the weather before you go to sleep. Whether you look at an app on your phone, a website on your computer or watch the local news, just make sure you’re aware of any bad weather headed your way.
  • Leave the water running – We have mentioned this tip a few times, but it’s the easiest way to avoid frozen pipes in the winter. If you leave a steady trickle of water running in your kitchen sink and bathroom sinks you’ll be in excellent shape when the temperatures drop. This will reduce the pressure in your pipes, keeping them from freezing and cracking.
  • Go the extra mile – Don’t forget to open up the cabinet doors under your sinks to allow heat from inside your home circulate around the pipes. It seems like a silly extra step, but it could make the difference between hundreds or thousands of dollars worth of damage or no damage at all. Also, be sure to use insulating faucet covers, rags or trash bags around your outdoor faucets. This is a step most people forget. Disconnect your hose and store it in your garage or basement until the weather warms up.
  • Plan ahead – If you’re planning on taking a trip during the colder months you’ll want to tell your friends, family members or neighbors who are watching your house to be mindful of all of these tips. You don’t want to come home from a relaxing vacation to frozen, cracked or damaged pipes.

All of these tips will help you save money and give you peace of mind about your plumbing throughout the winter. These tasks are easy to complete and almost anyone in the family can help! Don’t let Mother Nature get the best of you or your home. Stay a step ahead by avoiding frozen pipes all winter long. If you have a plumbing emergency call us at ​317-291-4909 or visit our website.

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