The Evolution of the Heat Pump

You may have heard about highly efficient heat pumps and how they are great money savers but only in temperate climates. A lot of people think that these systems won’t be able to stand up to a cold, frozen Indiana night. The truth is that with advances in technology, most people living in cold places can enjoy reduced energy costs and a warm house thanks to improved heat pump system technology.

The first heat pumps were not much more than fans and copper piping. Their growth and technological advancements have made them the most efficient option for heating the home. Like your refrigerator, heat pumps use fans and electricity to move heat from a cool spot to a warm spot, making both the cold spot colder, and the warm spot warmer. They don’t actually produce heat; they are highly efficient at moving air and maintaining the right temperature for your home.

Not only are heat pumps good for warming the home, they do a much better job at controlling the humidity which helps keep the home at a comfortable temperature. Advances in air-source heat pumps have made it possible for homes even in cold areas to use heat pumps. The air source fans slow down when not in use, instead of shutting off, to keep from using more energy to kick on from start.

Kent Odom, our Sales Representative, works hard to match the right products to the right people. When we asked for his professional opinion of heat pumps, he said “The technology in these pumps keeps advancing, the new models are getting smaller and the technology is making them 2-5 times more efficient than other heating options. If it’s time to consider a new heating system, it would be worth your money to invest in a heat pump, they last longer and save a ton on energy costs.”

When you’re ready to switch to a less expensive, more efficient heating system consider the best in heat pumps, the Evolution V Series. Give us a call and schedule an appointment at 317-291-4909.

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